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by - Maret 01, 2017

Girls, i came back with new beauty stuff~
I hope you are excited as i do here ^ ^
Few days ago i goes to the Beauty school named Puspita Martha that located on Offie Park 1B-16. JL. Bukit Darmo Boulevard. Surabaya. 
this school is founded and owned by Martha Tilaar Group with vision to become the world's leading cosmetic company with eastern and natural nuance utilizing research, development and modern technology to give added value to consumer.
They already got International Accreditation :
 CIDESCO (Bachelor in Beauty Aesthetics), CIBTAC (Bachelor in Make Up), PIVOT POIT (Bachelor in Hairdressing) and International SPA Association.

Here is the class look like :)
Make up class on Second floor
Aesthetic and Spa class on Third floor

Well, all of the class will be use Martha tilaar product.
And for today on Make up class will be using this Martha Tilaar make up : Sariayu in Borneo edition.

Today the teacher is will be very special cause of directly came from The School of Puspita Martha in Jakarta especially for this class :) her name is Mrs.Endang, she's the one who wear black dress.

The class begin with knowing what kind of skin that we have. There are 3 skin type : Dry, Normal, and Oily.
How to knowing our skin type :

Then after that we should know what face shape that we have, knowing this will be affected how we will do our make up. The result will be different!!!
Well, if mine is Diamond :)
Then the shape that perfect is the Oval one, So everything that we do is to make our face shape to be like oval one.
We are free to choose the color of eyeshadow that we like to and before i choose which one i will use, i do some swatching. Here is it ^ ^

Then i choose to combine between pink and purple :)
THEN for the lipstick number i choose B-04 on the base and put more number B-03.

Well, ofc i put mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow after that.
The shape of our eyebrow will make huge difference to our face :)
here is before and after eyebrow make up that they taught me.
And in the end of the class we got goodie bag :)
all of it is Martha Tilaar Products. Love it ^ ^

Thank you so much for having me and Surabaya Beauty blogger in this beauty class, i'm sure not just me that got many value things here ^^

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