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by - Maret 25, 2017

A few weeks ago i received a package from Mukka, curious what inside the package that i got?
Here is it ^ ^
As you can see. All of it dominate by pink color and my bad to used a pink colors background > <
I will explained it from left to the right. There is Nail polish no , this is different than usual nail polish which is the color can change base on the temperature. When i applied it the color is pink but when it already dry the color changed in to baby peach. Well, it change in to pink again when the temperature is cold.

Next beside the nail polish with shocking pink tube is Eyeliner. This is liquid eyeliner in black color. It quite fast to dry even an liquid one (Usually not easy to dry). The brush is really thick, i really careful when using it. Afraid to be spread :(

In the bottom of both of nail polish and eyeliner is Lip pen. I got number 07 #this is my lucky number, i hope the color also good on me. :) When i open it the smell of bubble gum spread!! OMG, THIS IS SO NICE~ then i applied little on inner of my lips and use fingers to membuat rata. Taraa~

And last is eyeshadow, the color is pretty nice. It also pigmented, i try to wash it with water and some of the color not faded away (Pink and Blue) 
Well, I do some swatch below... :)
Green - Blue- Pink- Gold
Silver pink (right top)- Purple - Red - Orange - Ash- White
 Even it really dusty when i swipe it, and also really fragile. It worth to try! Nice color, quite good quality and came in not expensive price. :)
They now can do shipping, so if you feel difficult to find the product just click link below.
and this blog post is a partnership between Mukka Cosmetics with Surabaya Beauty Blogger.
Other member of Surabaya Beauty blogger also received some product from Mukka with different colors as i got, see more on the

Thank you~
Bella Amanda

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