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by - Maret 30, 2017

Pantone has been determined that Greeny is the color of 2017. They called it greeny because it symbolizes our relationship with nature.
Pantone explained that green in here is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first day of spring.
And i'll try to make a look inspired by it on this post.
I will combine the green color with touch of pink.
after apply eyeshadow without fake lashes
As i mention before i will use green eyeshadow, is used from Nature Republic (Korean). I applied it all over the eyes, and in the bottom of the eyes i use orange from the saem (Korean) looks bright right :)
After use the fake eyelashes
False Lashes from Silver Swan number
This is the natural one (They have many types of it)
So Far this is the best fake lashes i've ever tried!!!
Smooth, look a like real lash, really easy to use, and the glue also fast to dry!
What i like beside all above is the thin and thick batting of the lashes. It's blend to my real lashes.
And As you can see their box also wrapped beautifully <3
Super recommended girls~

Mascara that i usually use is "From Dolly Wink - Black"
I just applied it in the front of my lashes cause of the fake lashes just only from middle to back.

My fav Blusher!!!
Etude Princess Happy Ending : Belle
I really love this, the pattern of the rose really beautiful and the color turns pretty on my skin.
There're 2 colors of it but i'll use the darker one.

Cause i bring up the natural theme, i prefer the oil tint from skin food (korean brand)

Then here is it the full face? :)

If you want the lashes you can see through : Silver Swan
They have many variations of the lashes, choose as you need~
And this is collaboration between Silver Swan with Surabaya Beauty blogger.
What is Surabaya Beauty blogger?
Click this to know more :)

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