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by - Maret 09, 2017

Enjoying my afternoon time pampered by Diandra clinic :)
Diandra clinic located in Graha Family Surabaya. 
Before choosing treatment i got consultation with Dr. Imelda to knowing which one that suit for my skin. Then detox facial treatment is the answer, since i doesn't have any skin problem, usually use make up a lot, and living in the (metropolitan) city which is have many pollution.

They cleaning all of my make up they use a tools called micro that can easily pull out the dead skin on the face. The sensation quite tickling me, cause like being absorb by small vacuum cleaner? :D
Here the picture (On the right is after cleaning and left not yet being cleaned).

Next step Massage. I love this step even when the first time they put all over the cream on my face it's feels hot and itchy, but it turns good. :3 

Now moving to hurts step which is peeling > <
As we know that no pain no beauty. This peeling pull out my black head and also the acne that i have. Don't be afraid! This is safe and not make your pore bigger!!!
And they using tool to loss the redness. Then applying detox cream over my face and using special tool. The cream originally color is white and it turn out to be gray after taking off the dust/ dirty thing in my face. 

After washing off the cream they applied a detox mask!! Really cool and it took around 1 hour then they pull it off in a hurt way, because this mask is like a wax mask :I
My face became red now and they have tool called oxy from Oxygen that moisturizing and increase water amount over the face. This also make me feel fresh :)
in the last step they applied Bactacid for infection.
All of this steps are in one treatment, which is Detox. and it took around 3 hours to do all of the steps.
After 2 days not using any makeup (skin care still use) the redness already gone. My skin also more tight and feel heathy :)
Treatment detox helps brightening, anti aging which make your skin younger, less flex and less acne!!! Cause of detox pull out the toxin from pollution , etc in our skin.  
This is my first treatment on Diandra, and i write my honest review here :)
Thank you for reading~

Bella amanda

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