Suncheon Bay "Running man 230"

by - Januari 30, 2016

For these week posting it will be about Suncheon garden and bay.
Well, for all of you that love "Running man" and whose watch it on eps 230 I bet you know these place. ^ < 
Yup, in eps 230 Running man use these place as one of place to doing a mission, their mission is to doing estafet (Running and pass the baton to another person) and in the end of the estafet (the last person) should doing another things like flip the coins etc.

Guest for these scene is Handsome Oppa~
actually i watch this cause of Him "Nam Joo Hyuk" He's a model but he also being an Actor. I watch his drama "Who are you: School 2015" and really like it~ then I being a fan of him ^ ^

Enough talking about running man,let's move to the Suncheon it self.
Because of it's already November it's means autumn already comes. In the website and Instagram people just only share pictures about Suncheon while summer and Spring (just a few people that posting about it when autumn). Yup,these place are more beautiful when it's on Spring and Summer, because of many flowers and also the weather not cloudy or rain.

That's if Spring or summer, and posting below will be picture that taken by me while i'm visiting that place. :)
1. These are taken in Germany Garden

2. Taken in the Japanese Garden 
There's a medium tree, that these kind of plants are hanging in there.

Sexiest Coconut ever!!!
3. These are taken after ride sky cube.
it's take 10 minute to goes here by "sky tube". It's price 8000 (2 ways" go and back).

All tree leave already changed in to yellow or red. Yup, when i came there it's raining and my shoes are wet because of it. :'(

4. I though all the plants colour will be like picture above but, when i strolling around I found there's some flower left *Yeay
5. This famous spot of Suncheon (the circle mountain behind me) that before i mentioned as the place of "Running Man Eps 230 play"
 I also took the picture of it more closer,it's really cute. People who are walking up while holding their umbrella. The colour of their umbrella makes these picture are really cute*. :) *for me
and this view in when in the night 

Actually Suncheon garden and bay are really big, i almost strolling around of it. but well, as i mention before it's better while in Spring or Summer. I didn't posting all of picture here because of some of the garden are not good to post (flower already died and the colour turn to brown). Then last but not least, This is the map of Suncheon.
Thank you for reading.. ^ ^

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