Jeju Travel Diary 1

by - Januari 05, 2016

Some of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook probably already know that few days ago i goes to Jeju Island, A Volcanic Island full of Allure~ 

Then let's begin #jeju travel diary ^ <

After arrived in the Jeju International Airport we're heading to the airport bus that have a few stop spot (Big Hotel). One way price is 5500won. After we arrived in our place, we take a rest (Because we're took the evening flight to Jeju).
And the Morning came!! We woke up and get ready then heading to this Korean traditional restaurant that located near our place.  In here you should order minimum portion is for 2 person. (8000Won/Person) The great things is the weather are sunny and not really windy,  really suit for travelling. In that time in Busan 5 degree Celsius and seoul 1 degree Celsius. -____-"

After ate first place that we're heading to is Citrus Museum, Because of Jeju really famous of their Tangerine and i also want to try it > <
It's take almost 3 hours to goes here (2 hours in the bus and 1 hours walking up from the bus stop to here and in the middle of way to goes here we already saw many tangerine so we took some picture)
To enter the museum you should pay 1000 won and there's a person like a receptionis who will explain about the museum and she will offering you some tangerines then after it you can take a look inside the museum, You can find the history of tangerine, type of it, when it grows, looks/ shape of every kind of tangerine, etc. 
Near by the museum there's a garden that in there there's many kinds of tangerine tree and I spotted one unusual tangerine.
 I also found this famous statue in there!!!

And beside the garden there's another one that you can pick fresh tangerine by yourself and can bring it to home. Just pay 6000Won and you will got 1 kg fresh tangerine :P
Be careful even you're tourist/ visitor you should keep the garden as beautiful as is it. *Usually people throw garbage everywhere and step on the plants. 

Well,after from here we heading go to the bus stop again and going to the traditional market. I spotted these cute snack that make many people queue.
Inside of it there's jeju hallabong or orange fla. You should try this if you came here.. ^ ^ And just for information, this snack also being filmed on famous variety show in Korea.

In the traditional market we also bought some chocolate as souvenir (10.000 won got 5 box of Jeju Chocolate or there's many other choices).

 Last but not least, It's dinner time! After strolling and bought some souvenir we heading to the small restaurant but quite crowded. If you came to Jeju The "IT" food that really Famous is "Black Pork Meat".
Really Delicious~ The price is depends on the restaurant that you're going to. :)

Well, Jeju day 1 already finished~
See you on next post.. ^ < 

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