Jeju Travel Dairy day 2

by - Januari 13, 2016

Jeju Travel Diary day 2 start here~
Chocolate Factory we came!!! Our first destination of this day 2 Jeju travel diary is Chocolate Land / chocolate factory. ^ ^
To enter this you should pay 3000Won, and you can enjoy sight seen chocolate.

Then we move to the next stop!!!! We visited Famous "Teddy Bear Museum" It's must visited place if you going to Jeju ^ ^ 
Price entrance fee are 8.000 won.

There's so many famous teddy here such as : 
Einstein Teddy  
Audrey Hepburn Teddy 
"Goong Princess or Usually called Princess Hours Drama" One of Famous Korean 
Steve Jobs Teddy
Elvis Presley Teddy 
and there are still many famous teddy there that i'm not taking a photograph  with. Well beside famous teddy another things that you can see in here are some Teddy History 

You also can find some Teddy bear in the garden ^ ^ To get here just go in to the B1 floor then there's a door that connected with the souvenir place. First thing that you can saw while enter the garden is this giant bear > <

And you can buy teddy bear as a souvenir or gift <3 It's really cute :3
This Hanbok is for Spring, they have many colours.

This is for Winter, more elegant and calm.  
and many other teddy bear variant :)

TRIP not end yet! to go to next destination we should took bus first then took taxi because of there's no bus that directly goes there. But before we goes there we ate in Japanesse restaurant that we saw in the middle of way to go to Chonjiyeon waterfall.
I ordered Tonkatsu, price in this restaurant are affordable start from 6.000-20.000 for the food. 
We're going to Chonjiyeon waterfall after ate, it's famous because of the beauty of it. In there at 6 pm the sky already dark, not like in my country (Indonesia). 
Entrance fee to Chonjiyeon waterfall is 2.000 won for adult and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in there. ^ ^  *Pardon my face... > <

 Chonjiyeon waterfall really near to this bridge, If you want to go there you can use taxi or you can walk. it's around 100 meters from Chonjiyeon waterfall. 
Well, it's already night and the wind blows really hard, that's why in the middle way to cross the bridge i go back. :' 
Then we heading back to our place and take a rest. :) 

Well,that's all for this post.. ^ ^
Next post is the last post of the #JejuTravelDiary
Thank you for reading, have a great day.. ^ <

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