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by - Februari 03, 2016

Yuhuu, calling out all food hunter and for lover.. ^ ^
Another review or you can called these as the recommendation place to eat if you came to South Korea  ^ ^ This restaurant are famous and so many people are ate in here. Well, when i visit it's was on Saturday and so many couples are eating in there. 
This restaurant are located on Old down town or Eunhandong (Daejeon) But there's also on Seoul. ^ ^ 
When we first in there will be the employee that will guide you to the your table (if the restaurant not full) but if it full they will be asking your name and you will be waiting for couples minute. 
Then,after you sit down in, they will give you these bowl (of course without the noodle, vegetable and shell on it). 

And then you choose what you want to eat, there's so many choices here.

 Beside it hey also have another menu that you can order as topping such as mozzarella > < 

In these restaurant we cook our food by our self, we choose the sauce and pour it in the our pot.

then we waiting until it cook. while waiting we ate fish cakes.  Taste so good!!
Actually i've taste these fish cake before in Busan (Busan are famous of it) and the taste was not really different. ^ ^ beside fish cakes, they also have fried prawn, fried vegetable, and many more.

For drink, you can choose between soda (Korean like drink soda) such as cola, sprite, fanta, and you can drink mineral water if you didn't like soda.
Then this is our cook ^ ^
Taste not bad but too many noodle on it.. :'

Estimate cost for eat in here are 6500won (if you are student)/ each person.  
Thank you for reading~ ^ < 

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