Dough Darlings

by - Maret 27, 2015


These is new and not lose to the others that kind of it like ^ ^
So these dough darlings are selling donut and establish in these 2015 by La'reia. Yup,that's La'reia the one i have been posted before. :)
Curious of what kind of donut that they sell? check these out!!

Their doughnuts are flavoured with real bean, maple syrup, lime, pepper, italian basil, blueberries, black pepper, peanut butter, sea salt, and so mush more that not fit in the the square in the picture below. ^ ^

So these is the flavour of the doughnuts :

The famous one : Honey Bacon  :3 

They had a really beautiful and also tempting photograph right?! So these is another photograph of the dough darlings doughnuts :  ^ ^

By the way,in the 14 Feb 2015 before Dough darlings was sell in the monopole coffee lab. They open from 10am. Excited right? when my friends goes there, the queue was really long and then that place was really crowded.. > <  

 And next!!! in Saturday on 21 Feb they will be sell the doughnuts on the Cup and Crumbs > <
All the cafe was located in Surabaya- Indonesia, :)
Excited to try it?? just go through to the Lareia Cfe that Located in the Ciputa World Surabaya, Their Cafe are near Omnivoro Restaurant, in the Fourth Floor. While you going there try also their cake!! Really delicious~

don't forget to follow them in the instagram @doughdarlings to know the latest event or the newest flavour. :) yum.. yum.. yum...  see you on next post ^ ^

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