V'day Make Up Challenge

by - Maret 14, 2015

Well,These is my look for the V'day make up challenge. That held by Rini Cesillia and Etude Recipe. http://www.rinicesillia.com/2015/02/valentine-day-k-pop-makeup-challenge.html?m=1
As we know valentine always related to sweet things and also pink colour,so i used it to be my base idea. And then for the K-pop make up i used the simple and natural one. Because it will be made we look fresh and also pretty at the same time,last but not least it also doesn't need much time.(It's Important because we can put more time to do something else like make our hair gorgeous,or choosing our best/suit outfit for Valday date). Look at these photo below,

Now I will explain what product that i used for make these looks.
First,For the foundation i used "The Body Shop" Extra Virgin minerals number 105- Rose Ivory
Second i used "Revlon Photoready airbrush" no 60- Golden Beige
Third, I used "The Body Shop" All in One Face Base no 05,

Then Fourth I used fake eyelashes "All-Belle"
After that Fifth, I applied eye brow with "Party Lover Cake eyebrow" from Tony Moly no 1
Sixth, using "The Body Shop" Shimmer Cubes Palette 07 eyeshadow (The pink one)

Seventh, I applied "NYX" eyeliner no SLL 102 Extreme Black/ Noir Extreme
Eighth, applied "NYX" Retractable eye liner MPE01 White,for the bottom of my eyes.

Ninth, With using "Princess Happy Ending Rose Cheek Blusher no 1" from Etude Series
Tenth, For the lips I used "The Body Shop" Lipstick no 03- Pink Charming
Last but not least I applied "Max Factor" vibrant curve effect lip gloss number 12- Urban Queen

That's all way to create these look. ^ ^

Anyone can be pretty if they add afford on it.Happy late Valday and also Happy White day all. :)

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