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A New Place to visit in Bali. ^ ^
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When i came there the whiter was raining and it's warm inside, i came because of my sister who love traveling and visit new place. Then here we are. So,i would like to share it to you all. Hope it's will be helpful (If you are also search a new place or want to try something new)

That pic of me are taken by my sist..  ^ ^
In the picture above you can see me and my sits ordered 2 kind of dessert. That in front of me was Choco Banana,and then the one with vanilla ice cream is molten cake. I prefer the molten cake one than the Choco Banana, the taste of Choco Banana was too sweet,made me feel full and also does't want eat it anymore. -____-"  
Actually these cafe was selling pia, The Brand name is "Pia riga raja" Beside selling pia,they also sell another dessert. The picture of it below :
About the drink,you can see in the picture above. They had many kinds of drink. when i was there i choose hot chocolate (because of rainy) and my sis order Lechy tea.
Then these is all dessert that they sell. ^ ^

Lokasinya di JL. Tukad Yeh Aya 112A. Renon- Denpasar,Bali. (Beside of DOREMI Kindergarden).
Then that's all about these cafe. See you next post,also about cafe~ ^ ^
If you difficult to found it, you can use waze app.

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