KLCC Snack Time

by - Maret 10, 2015

Hello! The day 3 of my journey in KL or we usually called Kuala Lumpur has done! Before i just write about Aquaria the Aquarium Theatre that location in the KLCC,then these is all about these 3rd day. Enjoy!

Yup,when come to the KL (Malaysia) We should take a photograph in these spot,right?!
The Famous Petronas Tower!!!!
Then in don't forget to try these also (Located in the mall near the Petronas Tower,but not in the suria mall) :

1.Moo Cow (Yoghurt)

2. Auntie Anne's (When I came there,the queue for buying these was so long).

3. Garret Popcorn. (You should bought these when going there,especially the caramel taste).

4. Famous Amous Cookies. These cookies was different from another cookies that i ever tried, really fall in love with it and can't help my self to not eat it more and more. :D

Well as you can see,all about the snack and beverages. But hope it's will be useful if you going there and confused what should to eat or buy while in the KLCC.:3
Next post will be the last post about my trip in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks for reading.. ^ ^

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