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by - Juli 31, 2017

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In the end of this month i'll post about my summer look!
Hope u gonna like it, and last but not least might be an outfit idea for daily look (since in some country just have 2 seasons). 

1. Stylish in White
First is the classic Sabrina Dress, i used some simple accesories for completing this look ^ ^
I wear earrings and some bracelet.

2.  Two piece with short  
Second is sabrina top again but this time there's a tie on it. Going a bit casual this time i pair it up with shorts, wearing earrings and sunglass!  

3. Flower Embroidery 
Next is a bit hippy / boho style. Flower Embroidery top pair up with shorts and wear a choker with bracelets.

4. Tank top and choker
Tank top always identical with summer! Wear Sunglasses and choker for completing this look! 

5. Scarf on point
This time is sabrina top again, but in peach color. I pair it up with shorts, sun glasses and last but not least wear scarf. This scarf make the look different!

6. Comfy with Outer
Usual summer style: a tank top, outer, short , and sunglass. 

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