Cute Japanese Food in Itadakimasu

by - Maret 30, 2016

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It's been a while that i didn't post anything ;' I just starting my university and should keeping up with all activity and home work.. > <
Well,let's move to the main topic of this post!! For today post it's about review of another Japanese Restaurant in East Java - Surabaya. This place was famous of their cute food, and they also already have 5 outlets around Indonesia (2 In Jakarta, Surabaya, Batam, and Bandung).

Japanese people say 「いただきます」(=Itadakimasu ) before they have meals at the table. It means, “I will eat now!” “Dig in!” or “Let's eat!”. Many Japanese people say that automatically without thinking but.

Curious how cute their food??? Check this out !!

Favourite menu in here :

Starving Panda (IDR 48K)
This cute food is a chicken katsu with special curry sauce, Seriously it's not just Cute this is YUMMY~  :D
Happy Feet (IDR52K)
3 Little penguin rice staring at the "Chicken teriyaki with Scramble egg" The taste is like usual chicken teriyaki.  

Spicy Aburi Roll (IDR54K)
Spicy Lover this sushi might be fit to you. It's salmon and kyuri topped with half broiled spicy salmon. Hemmm~

Unagi Special Roll (IDR88K)
Taste of this sushi is sweet, you can taste really soft unagi in the top and then there's crab stick in the middle of it. 

Last but not least!!!!! The Dessert~
Mr.Fuji/ Volcano (IDR28K)
This cute dessert was made by cotton candy they also put a cone in the middle of it, then in the top of the cotton candy you can found sprinkle candy and little marshmallow. The taste is just sweet ; ) 

Want to see full menu? 

This place was open from 11am to 10pm, 
Place that i visited is : Ruko Puncak Bukit Golf Blok B Unit Q, Pradahkali Kendal, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
for me the place is just usual (not as cute as the food, no photo zone like others cafe, but their service is quite good. Food come fast and some of food that we order it's delicious).

Like i've told before that they have 5 outlets or branches,and this is the address of it:

Itadakimasu Jakarta
Ruko Elan Laut Blok D no 57. Jalam Pantai Indah Selatan,PIK

Itadakimasu Batam 
BCS Mall Lt.3 Blok C4 No6,7,8 (Depan Timezone) 

Itadakimasu Express 
Mall of Indonesia Island 2F-07 Baywalk Tunnerl LGM T15 - Jakarta

Paris Van Java Resort Level D-17A - Bandung 

That's all ^ ^ Thank you for reading and see you on the next post~ Have a great day : )
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