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by - Maret 07, 2016

Who's matcha or green tea lover here?! Good news are coming for you who love matcha / green tea flavour because now there's a cafe "Matcha cafe" are opened in Surabaya- East Java.
The address of this cafe are in Jln. Raya kupang indah no 21 (between Kapin and Tomoto) 
Well, actually it's already opened a half year month ago. Actually i go there before go to South Korea. But forgot to posting it. I think it's in the beginning of August 2015 and these cafe just new and being most visited and popular in Surabaya. Then these it ~

Sunday - Thursday 11:00 - 22:00 
Friday - Saturday 11:00 - 23:00
Tuesday Closed 

Decoration of the cafe are simple but unique and cute. They bring green colour as the dominant colour and mix it with white.
The most favourite spot is the character that they draw in the wall, and many of customers are took photograph in this wall. (Picture below) ^ ^

Now is about the menu!!
For the food they sell Okonomiyaki, Japan Dogs, Soba, Toast, Some snack like karaage, french fries and deep fried oreo.

When I there I ordered Okonomiyaki seafood~ This okonomiyaki can be eaten for 2-3 person. Their size is medium (not too small but not to big).

Then the dessert ice cream in 2 flavour ; Matcha (green tea), and Almond.
For you who want's to try both flavour,you can order mix if you buy the soft ice cream. This 2 kinds flavour also can be your ice cream flavour parfait.  
Well, for the dessert I choose Green tea cone, and Chocolate parfait and my friend order cake parfait.

Last is my drink, well...
I choice the famous ceremonial hot green tea. ^ ^
You can make it by yourself, or you can ask the waiter/ waitress to make it for you <3

If you goes there, don't forget to take photograph, upload it on your instagram account and tag their instagram account ^ ^

There's some new place or it can be called cafe that opened few weeks ago, and review of it soon will be posted on my blog ^ ^
~Thank you for reading~ 

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