My Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack

by - April 28, 2016

I’m comeback with beauty review~ ^  <
Product that i will review today is Innisfree mask variant. Actually there’s many variant of Innisfree capsule recipe pack that you can choose with different useful for your skin. 

For the one that i will review is really good for your pore. Especially you who want to take care your pore, it would help. :) 
Then, before we move to review the product do you know about “Innisfree” before? or had heard this brand before?

In South Korea this brand are really famous of their natural products ingredients from Jeju (You can ready see how jeju looks like through my Instagram #Jejutraveldiary (Kasi linknya).
And their brand ambassadors is Yoona SNSD (Girls Generation) that famous because of her natural beauty, and Famous actor Lee Min Ho (Now he’s being model of Kopi Luak White Koffie in Indonesia).

As I promised, i will explain the product now ^ ^

In the video :
1 ) Wash your face with foam or soap then wash it
2 ) Make sure your face already not wet
3 ) Apply the mask dan retaken


This mask pack are really easy to bring because of mini size and light, reusable, and can be used anytime ( But I recommend you to use it before sleep). Actually you can use it while sleeping, i’ve tried it before and well no different than using it for 20 minutes and wash it. 
But when i use it while sleep there’s some part of the mask in my face that not longer in there, i mean gone. Hahaha… 
and I really careful while sleeping, so the mask on my face not make my bed cover dirty  .  > <

This is the texture : it's so soft and really easy to dry, that's why when you applying it on your face Please Be Fast! or it will dry....

I also recommend you to buy this rather than the mask sheet, like i mention before this mask pack are light, can be use any where - any time (if mask sheet you can’t doing another things while mask sheet on your face), mask are dry so no cairn yang akan membasahi bajumu, and it reusable ( you can use it for many times,depends on how many when you applied it on your face, if me 6 times).

Oh ya,This product can be used several times by following picture below ^ ^
Oh ya,Produk ini dapat di gunakan beberapa kali lo, hanya dengan mengikuti gambar di bawah ini ^ ^

Want to try it by yourself??
Where can get it ? Because of this brand not open any store in Indonesia. 
I have solutions for it….
Just click below ^ ^

I got this from that website, It’s original from Korea and directly sent from there to your house. 
How about the price and the cost delivery????
Their price are almost cheap girls ^ <  and then because of this website just opened a few weeks ago they have a promotion when you register got IDR100.000 Shopping Credits and the delivery are free when purchasing IDR300.000. 
*This conditions only applied in Indonesia.
But if you not from Indonesia and want to buy it, it’s also possible. 

It's came in the cute baby pink box, and inside of it every products are wrapped with bubble wrap. So it's safe girls. ^ ^

That’s all for today post  ^ ^
Thank you for reading,and don’t forget to add me to your circle (on google+) and follow me :3

Bye - Bye  

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