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by - September 07, 2015

If you follow my instagram @amandatorquise i think you already know that now i'm live in South Korea - Daejeon. 
From today post i'll be posting about cafe or my activity in here. 

For today post is about what food that i ate, of course not all coz i just share the recommended on. :)
Enjoy ^ ^

When i arrived here, the first thing that i bought is Banana Milk. This milk are really famous in Korea, so if you go here you should try this. The price of it is 1800won. ^ ^

Then in the middle of way to Daejeon, our bus are stoping in the rest area for 15 minutes and then i purchase some snack..
The left one is like Chicken karate pour with sweet sauce and the right one is sausage or here usually calld soseji with toppoki, really love this. > <

Then in the night we ate Samgeyeobsal (BBQ Pork)
The place are near my college,and the price also not really expensive. Around 8000Won (1000 won = IDR12000)

and then the next day, because of having long trip (6/7 hours) so me and all of my friends are tired and awake in the afternoon. And we walking around the main street while purchase some snack " Soseji" it's Sausage but they have many kind of it. Picture below :

Then we ate this for lunch (I don't know the name of it), It's like Chicken Katsu but in the middle of it there are some mozzarella, the taste of the sauce  it's like takoyaki sauce. It's really delicious. ^ ^ The price of it is 5000won.

Then we ate this forgotten name of food ( I forgot the name of it, but the taste are spicy and they put many spices in this food). This is Chicken,and there also potato in there.

Then another morning came and for this morning we ate Dakgalbi, of course it's chicken.. ^ ^
The taste of it also spicy and the colour of it is red. :' Did u know that if you ordered spicy food in here and order no spicy one, they still give you spicy. I don't know why but it's true. > <
 This is  picture of the place to eat Dakgalbi ^ ^

Our food for morning and evening are by the college so we not eat outside, but in the night after orientation we ate outside.
In the night we tried to ate this "Chicken and Beer"
This place are quite famous guys, the location is in the emart in front of daejeon bus station.
Well, coz it's famous the price of it also expensive 8000won for one people. (its ok if you didn't order beer, coz they have water and soda) This fried chicken is mix and i ate this with 4 of my friends, and they doesn't have rice. so you just ate this.

Then next day , because of we're going to the down town for trip. We ate this famous dessert "Sulbing" it's like fruit ice. There're so many kind of it, but we ordered this. and the green one (melon) is the newest product. ^ ^
It's real melon guys~
The portion of it also big so you can share it with your friends, coz people in here usually can't eat it alone. ^ ^

This is are really suit to this hot and tiring day.. <3

Then another day coming up,
To keep your body fit while hang out and having fun, i drink this. The packaging are cool and the taste of it also not bad,especially in the middle one (lime). The red one is dragon fruit and the yellow one is citrus.

Bdw, you got free water in every restaurant (If you eat). but you can order soda or can juice.^ ^

and in the night I goes ate with my team mate, and then we ate this giant pizza. he price of it it's 13.500 won. And you can share this with 3 people. ^ ^

Then next day i ate this~~
For me it's quite good and the portion also enough, price 6500won (Donkatsu)

Another recommended food (dessert) is this, well. for you who like dessert probably you will like this. What i like from this is the ice cream, the left one. ^ ^  The price are little bit expensive 12.000 won, but you can eat this with your partner /friend (2 people)

Then another food that i ate and i think you should eat while in here are bulgogi.. ^ ^
I believe some of you are know what kind of food this is, or probably you 've tried this before. Well, this restaurant are located right beside cafe been that located in front of Woosong West campus- Daejeon. They sell 2 kinds of bulgogi. The red one are little bit spicy, and the other one are sweet. 

Then the last but not least,
Ginseng Chicken......
If you feel sick or un well, probably you should eat this, this is really good for your health. In the inside of it,in the bottom of it there're rice and the ginseng are inside the chicken. so they cooked that with the ginseng.
Taste less, but little bit expensive coz there're ginseng on it. (10000won)

Well, this is the end of this post..
Next post will be updating soon, you can give comment what did you want me to post. 
If not, I will update about Everland~
Thank you ^ ^

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