Monopole Coffee Lab

by - Agustus 15, 2015

This week post is about another review of pretty cafe.. ^ ^
But the location not in Bali, this cafe is on Surabaya - East Java.

Well,name of this cafe is Monopole Coffee Lab, it located in Jl. Raya Darmo Permai 1/38 Surabaya. 
This cafe have their own coffee and many people who like drink coffee always goes here!!
They also sell the coffee (in a package) if there's customers who want to buy it.

Not just because of the taste of the coffee, they also have many great spot to take a picture in.

I came here not by my self,but with my friends in Alfa Omega Church (AOG), We really having a good time here. ^ ^

Then let's move to the menu ^ <
The recommended menu that you should try is:

The first best seller drink beside coffee is INI COKLAT

Then the second one is Latte (Green tea and Taro) but in the picture below it's Taro and Latte.

Next is the food my friends beside me order "Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Soy Sauce", the taste is spicy and salty. (I doesn't like spicy food so I does' t like this).

I ordered the best seller and also the most recommended!!
"Thinly- Sliced Beef Charcoal Roll with Homemade Carrot and Cabbage Coeslaw and Fries
The taste are pretty good, then size of the burger also not big or small, but it difficult to cut the bun :'  You can ask the waiter/ waitress for the sauce (Chilli or Tomato Sauce) And for the drink I order Peach Tea. 

Well, just for info, Monopole Coffee Lab also had been visited by one of Indonesian famous fashion blogger Pupupaula 

As usual, last but not least~ The full menu of Monopole Coffee Lab.
(All the price are in Indonesia Rupiah and not included tax 10%)

Thank you for reading. ^ ^
All of the picture above are taken by me. Please kind a does't use it, or if you wanna use it please tell me or tag me. :)

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