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Today post is about my trip during long weekend!!
If you are bored with crowded and busy city you can goes here, to refresh and take a break. This place is called Batu-Malang, Located in East Java. The weather are cold and cloudy but still have a sun light. :P
The first destination is Labirin, Taman sesat Coban Rondo, Malang.

This place are really awesome!!! When I was there i felt like i'm in the maze runner film LOL :P
Actually i've been saw these place picture before in the instagram, and curious where is this place and then..... I've found out that the location in the Malang, makes me really want to go there. 

The price of ticket to entrance there is really cheap, just pay 10k/people and you can took picture and walking around as many as you want. :)

Then, in front of the parking area we saw beautiful place to take photograph..  Really look a like in the Korea (pardon my imagination are too high) > <
This is the picture.. 

Second destination is Joban Rondo Waterfall - Sumberejo, Malang, really crowded and this waterfall are really high!! *look at the picture below

Then our last destination is the famous Secret Zoo.. Who does't love goes to zoo!? When i was child i really love and excited to go to zoo.. 
There so many animals here ^ ^
> The famous (almost make heart sign) pink flamingo

> Innocent alpaca 

> Black swan

> Dangerous Piranha

> Delicious? Lobster

> Beautiful Peacock

> Sleeping Hippo

> Fatty Fish (I forgot the name) ;( 

> This is Lynx !!!

> Whale????

There are so many animals there,and we really having fun.. ^ ^ In the secret zoo there are a water park and some play ground and machine like carousel etc. 
Last but not least you also can took a photograph with animal, in the animal booth. I took a photograph with this sleepy Bintarong <3 She falling a sleep while your hand are holding her chin. Really loveable right.. > < For photo together like these just only pay 10k. 

this is my friend photograph with binturong.. > <

Well, this is the end of this post.. 
Thank you for reading~ See you on the next post ^ ^

Pink T-shirt  by Padini 
White Jacket by Uniqlo
White Short by Rain Boutique (Surabaya)
Monocrome Slipper by Rubi 

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