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by - Juli 29, 2015

Good Morning everyone..
Sorry for didn't post anything.. 
I really enjoyed my holiday in Bali with my family. 
Well, I also met up some friends and do some work.

But today I'm not gonna share about that.. :)

Today, in this post I would like to review a cafe that location in the Jl. Jendral Sudirman No 19A, Denpasar Bali - Indonesia. Yes, the name of the cafe is Helo Cafe by Bapak Bakery, Helo cafe by Bapak Bakery have tag line "We're more than just Coffee and Bakery". 

They using mini garden concept with white colour as the dominant colour and it decorated with many eye catching plant.
And with minimalist decoration but placed beautifully makes customer who came to this cafe feel cozy.


Inside the cafe with dominant white they using colourful decoration, that makes this place beautiful and can't help my self to not take a photo here. > <

This cafe open from Monday to Thursday : 10am - 10pm and Friday to Saturday : 1.00pm-10pm.  (All time in Bali-Indonesia time)
If you want to know more or if you want to tag your photo to them their instagram account is Helocafe  

Then last but not least...
The menu and their price.. ^^

Thank you for reading~
See you on the next post, Have a great day.. ^ ^

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