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by - Juni 05, 2015

How do you do? Well,it's been a long time i didn't post anything. (-___-") and today I come back with another review about cafe and restaurant in Bali (I had a short trip there in the end of May).
Cafe and restaurant  that will be i review today name is de_crown cafe and restaurant that are located in Jl Bedugul 18 A Denpasar-Bali (Before Undiknas and the cafe are in the right side).

This cafe are open from tuesday (11:00 am - 11:00 pm) until sunday (1.00 pm - 11.00pm).
 They have a unique decoration, you can see in the picture below. :)
Purple colour, Yellow, Pink are blended in these place. Beautiful isn't. They Famous spot for taking photograph is these couple chairs. ^ ^ Well,because of I came with my friends we didn't miss the chance to take a photograph there.

Food menu of this cafe are separated in to 3 : Western, Indonesian and, snack. For the western food is like fish and chips. Then for the Indonesian is like gado-gado (vegetable like cucumber, potato, lettuce, and lontong then mix it with nuts sauce). Last but not least the snack one, they sell french fries,Onion ring, Fried banana with milk and cheese.
These is the menu (i forgot to capture Indonesian and Western menu)

When in there, i ordered french fries and mojito and my friend ordered Fish and chips and mojito as his drink.

Well another beautiful and met visit place are added, and there are still many beautiful cafe in Bali. So these is the end of this post, see you on another post.

May all of you had a great day, Thank you for reading. ^ ^

Purple cloth top : Gaudi
White watch : Geneva
Creme Slipper : Zara
Black leather short : Gaudi

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