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by - April 21, 2015

Another sweets review are here! Today are "Mille Crepes from First Love” who doesn’t know Mille Crepe? well if you don’t know i will explain it to you. Mille Crepes is a layered cake,making these cake are had a long time because of we should make the layer one by one and then arrange it together. Now Mille Crepes had many flavour and many bakery are sell these.

Today what will i review are Mille Crepes from First Love, Located in the Ciputra World Mall- Surabaya. In the 4 Four, near xi lin. Their Instagram Account are @firstlovepatisserie
What the variant of their Mille Crepes?
1.Belgian Chocolate
6.FrenchVanilla (Original)

And they also sell cake, in picture below is Red Velvet Cake

How about the price?

Mille Crepes : 
1. Original 
* French Vanilla 
IDR 29k/slice, IDR 290k/regular size whole cakes and IDR 335k/large size whole cakes 

* Matcha -Japanese Green tea 
* Belgian Chocolate
* Cappucinno
* Blueberry
* Oreo
* Strawberry
IDR 30k/slice,IDR 305k/regular whole cakes and IDR 375k/large whole cakes

Desserts (Cakes):
> Checkerboard IDR 40k
> Chocolina IDR 26k
> Red velvet IDR 30k
> Autumn cake IDR 30k

Beverages :
1. Hot Drinks  
Espresso IDR 20k
Cappucino IDR 25k
Coffee- R/L IDR 20k/23k
Cafe Mocca Latte IDR 28k
Hot Chocolate IDR 28k
Milk Tea IDR 18k
Lemon Tea IDR 18k
Green Apple Tea IDR 22k
2.Cold Drinks
Coffee Vanilla Float IDR 29k
Cafe Latte IDR 28k
Green Tea Latte (Blended) IDR 35K
Applelicious IDR 28k
Lemonlicious IDR 20K

Mineral water (Evian 500ml) IDR 18k

If you never eat these kind of cake before, they had tester of the original taste the French Vanilla, you'll get 1 bite of it. ^ ^ The texture was really soft. Then i bought the flavour Oreo and Belgian Chocolate.

After i ate that i prefer if i came here again to buy the original one. It’s more delicious that what i ate and the slice of the cake are too small. :(
But after all these cake taste and platting was good.  ^ ^
(Pardon,i already cut it before i took a photo of it) > <

These is the display cake,it's not the real cake. It's was made by plastic. Really similar to the real one isn't it?

For me their place was not really pretty,but they had good advertising. Their packaging also cute.They also had a free sample that are the plus point for them. Because they are a new brand and in Surabaya,and there are some bakery that famous of their Mille Crepes.

Then that’s all for these post,Thank you for reading. If you want me to review something like restaurant,cafe,food,or product you can comment in these post or on My Facebook Account @AmandaTorquise

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