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by - Februari 16, 2015

Well.. many of you already seen my pict that i posted both on instagram @amandatorquise and also on Facebook @amandagabriell right.?! Then in these post i will tell you the detail of it.. :) the detail about the holiday will be in 2-3 parts so these impost is the first part. ^ ^
My holiday about 5 days and 4 night,then let's begin. :)

in day 1 me and my friends had a tour around the Malaysia,we goes to the tourism spot for souvenir. We goes to the Chocolate gallery, Old town coffee , Yen Palace, Roncato leather ware, ate the famous baikut teh and goes to King Palace. Here you are....

In the Chocolate gallery they had many variants of chocolate and they also had a promotion, these place was famous and recently visited by tourist for buying chocolate.

Old town coffee,like the name they sell coffee. They had 7 variants of coffee ; Original, Cappuccino, Coconut, Tiramisu, Sugar Free, Tongkat ali and Hazelnut. We can try the coffee first before bought it, you can asking them and they will be give one sloki coffee that you want.

Don't be afraid they sell the coffee not the liquid or the seed but sachet. ^ ^

Yen Palace,well.... in here they sell many things that for your health. There are Green tea, White coffee, Bird nest, Some healthy snack that made from kuaci and nuts,and many more.

Selfie with the sales girl :P

Roncato leather like a store but they had licence and also had their own factory that produce all of the product that they sell in these place. They sell original leather with licence from the brand like Pierre cardin, Alan Delan and many more. When we're came there,they had a promotion buy 1 get 1 or you just can buy 1 and get 50% discount. (We can't take any photograph inside the store)

Then it's lunch time ^ ^ we ate the famous one here!!! baikut the~ Yup it's pork meat,the taste was really delicious. :3  The baikut the was in the cream pot the black one is baikut but it's cook with spicy and sweet sauce. Then the green one are seaweed  (the right one) and kailan. :D

For the food each person pay 20RM. (We are 5 person so the amount total are 100RM) The drink that we order is mineral water. :) Then... Last but not least we go to the King Palace. The weather was cold and windy but it's still hot there.. :(

So these is the first day.. ^ ^ next day will be update soon.. :3

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