Monokrom Coffee and Bar

by - Februari 07, 2015

Then today i would like to review a Cafe that located in Jl.Legian no 358A,Bali. Yup,like the title the name of the cafe is Monokrom Cofee and Bar. ^ ^ So these cafe is new,but the "Yamada Sisters*" already came here! Psst,actually i came here because of their picture that taken in here was pretty and gorgeous. > <  Well,let's begin~

First is the cafe look like

Second,the pretty spot to take photograph

Third, The Menu that Famous
Yup these drink was really recommended and famous in these cafe.

Then the famous food is Burger,Especially these green Burger. ;3

Oh ya,these is the Yamada Sister's pic.. ^ ^

Last but not least,My Comment about these cafe

Well,actually i really enjoyed my time here. The service quite good,the place was clean,they also serve the food with beautiful plating and we not waiting for a long time for it to be done. ^ ^
They doesn't have any parking areas.. :( also because of the cafe located in near the crossroad. It's really difficult to parking. -___-"  Because of it,i should turn left and find a way to go back to the street that the monokrom is (the street to monokrom cafe is one way). Then i parking in the indomaret that near the cafe. ;')     

So that's all,  Thank you for reading~ 
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