Malaysia trip day 2

by - Februari 21, 2015

Yes, it's the continue post of the latest post that i've been posted some week ago.  ^ ^

So,in these day we go to the Genting Highland, well i got some unexpected experience that is we
(Me and my friends was tricked by the indian guy that said jut paid RM50 and he will be take us to the Malaysia tourism spot and then he also will be sent us to the First World hotel that located in the Genting Highland. then after tour around (in the day 1) in the day 2 they just sent us to the bus station that if we use a bus to go there we just pay 6RM. -__-" I'm really disappointed,and also sad.. ;'(

We use that cable car to go to the first world hotel that located in the genting highland,the tickets just only RM 4.20 (one way) and if you had any big luggage you should rent a box to bring your luggage to the hotel. you should go to the basement and then ask the receptions in there. RM25 for rent it to sent your luggage to the hotel 2 way (from here to the hotel and from the hotel back to here) one box just for 5 luggage. So if you doesn't want to bring your luggage up, you also can ask them to keep your luggage in stainless box and when you check out and back to there you can get your luggage back for free. ^ ^

Yups,that's the decoration in the mall of genting highland. ^ ^ Many store here already had big discount to celebrate these event. :)

Well,that picture was the inside of the indoor theme park. there are outdoor park but we doesn't goes there because of rain. ;'
Then for the food, in the indoor mall there are so many restaurant. You can choose what ever you want to eat. The place of it was in the 1st floor for Chinese food and also in the 3 floor (like food centre with many kind of food).

Then we spent our night in there,after that the next day we going to KL Sentral. These picture was taken in front of the
bus station that will be sent us to KL Sentral. ^ ^

Well,these is the day 2. Thanks for reading, the day 3 will be posted soon.. ^ ^

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