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by - Juli 21, 2014

It's being one month i doesn't post anything. I'm feel so sorry about that,and  now i would like to share something sweet. Food lover especially dessert must try these one!!! Lareia Cake & Co Mille Crepes,I know some of you already know what kind of dessert that they sell. But i keep wanna share it,coz i really love it.

Lareia Cake & Co ???? 

Lareia Cake & Co  was skillfully crafted delicacies with tender loving care
The price for one whole cake around 400.000 until 450.000
How about the flavor?! Calm down,there so many kinds of flavor that they sell.
This is are the flavor :
  •  Oreo Castle Mille Crepes
  •  Green Tea Mille Crepes
  •  Milo Malt Mille Crepes
  •  Red Velvet Mille Crepes
  •  SummerLemon Mille Crepes
  •  Kurma Butter Scotch Mille Crepes
  •  Strawberry Field Mille Crepes
  •  Nutella Mille Crepes
  •  Oreo Cheese Mille Crepes
  •  Vanilla Cloud Mille Crepes
  •  Java Coffee Mille Crepes
  •  Banana Nutela Mille Crepes
  •  Very Raspberry Mille Crepes
  •  Lady Earl Mille Crepes
  •  King Durian Mille Crepes
  •  Dulce de Leche Mille Crepes

Order Lareia???

I know some of you wanna try all of that taste.there are bad news and good news, the Bad news is Lareia doesn't sell sliced cake,so you should buy a whole cake.But the Good news, you can tried many  flavor in one cake if you bought the assorted one.So in a whole cake there will be many flavor,you can taste different flavor while pay for one whole cake.Actually,you cant order by your self assorted one,you should join with people who want order assorted in same day n month with different flavor~ Many people do that,they usually leave a comment in the Lareia ig to found another people who want to join.

Lareia Pop - Up Shop!!!!!

For the first time lareia open a store,but just for a month.From 20 of June until 20 of July In Ciputra World Surabaya.They not just sell a sliced Mille's Crepes but they also sell :

1. Fresh, light, air-like milk pudding.Moru Milk

2. Flavored cream dessert so soft and smooth that it's melts like a silky river in your mouth. Top left to bottom right : Strawberry, Honey Cereal, Milo Dinosaur, Milk Tea, Ispahan (Lychee,Rose,Raspberry) and Apple Caramel. Royal Creme

3. If consider yourself a foodie,this is a must-try! Crunchy brown sugar ouatmeal crust with gooey milk filling and real summer berries. Sweet, Tart, Crunchy,Soft, Addicting. 
Milk Pie and Summer Berries Gooey.

4. It's rendetion of Melbourne's Black Star Pastry cake, it's Almond dacquoise + Fresh watermelon + Lychee infused whipped cream. Lychee Watermelon Cake.

5. Red Velvet Naked Cake with whipped cream cheese, Nutella, and peanut brittle.

6. Blackened chocolate cake, Chocolate Fudge, Fluffy Marsmallow, Milk Crumbs and Cream Cheese frosting.Black and White Naked Cake.

7. Vanilla Cake with fresh strawberry syrup, liquid cheesecake, marshmallow, milk crumbs and cream cheese freosting. Strawberry Cheese Naked Cake. 

8. Banana Cake with cream cheese frosting, milo malt, banana slices and caramel. 
Banana Naked Cake.

 I'm really thanks full to Lareia,I got a whole cake Lareia Special Edition "White Chocolate Blueberry" and when she came to my university i got an 6 flavors of Moru Milk. :)

Thank you for reading. Have a great day! And see u on next update..  ^ ^
 *note : not all of these picture was taken by me.

IG Lareia : lareiacakerie

SBY : 0812.1994.1881 / 24D7E565
JKT  : 0812.8955.5559 / 264AD4F4

Admin : Mon- SAT, 9am - 6 pm.

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