Entrepreneur Project 2

by - Juli 22, 2014

For you who studied in Ciputra University and take IBM or BMI must know these subject. For you who doesn't know now i will explain it to you. So in Ciputra University we had a Subject called EP (Entrepreneur Project) From the name i think some of you already know what kind of subject are these. Yup!! it's about Entrepreneur,Built our business and create a job for others. Every semester had these subject. Why EP2? Because I in semester 2,so it's called EP2. It's called EP3 when i'm on semester 3.

When these semester has done these subject done too. Well maybe some of us will be passed or some of us must repeat or just a few of us repeat and the last passed. the result? it's secret.. :P
ok,for closing these EP2 we had a Fashion Show. Who all the participant? of course some of us will be selected to be the sponsor (Their product will be used by the models) and some will be selected to be a models.

Picture all of the models

These is some information about the business that selected and being a sponsor for these fashion show closing ceremony EP2.

1. La classique shoes
instagram @La_classique
They produce and sell flat shoes made by real leather. Wanna order!?
line : la_classique , bbm : 753ADF50
(admin : monday - sunday 9 am - 9 pm)

2. Feme
 instagram @feme_cbi
Fashion with Ethnic touch.Their fashion characteristic was in the ethnic side.
if you a fashionable and love ethnic,you should but these one!!!
their tag line "Be unique with ethnic"  
interest? line : femmeofficial 

3. Jarene indonesia 
instagram @jareneindonesia
They said all of their T-shirt was their way to proud and protect our culture.
They sell premium quality t-shirt with a cartoon picture of or about Indonesia culture.
Curious??!! Check picture below!!!

4. Reissee bag
instagram @reisseebag
Now you can still fashionable and stylish any time any where, 
all because of multifashion bag by reissee. How can??! 
P.S there 3 colors of it!!!

5. Schaarma
instagram @schaarma_
Great quality, limited edition, and of course stylish. Don't say you are stylish and fashionable of you doesn't have it. It's ok,They sell cloth both for man and woman too.

6. House of Perca
instagram @percahouse
Ready to wear fashion bag

7. Fashion Heritage
instagram @fashion_heritage
Who said fashionable should be modern?! It's can be traditional too guys!!!
They sell batik cloth & t-shirt with batik touch.

Now was the picture of Closing Ceremony EP2 Fashion Show  

 Cloth by Jarene indonesia and Fashion heritage 
Bag by House of perca and Reissee bag
Flat shoes by La classique

Cloth man by Schaarma and cloth woman by Feme

Cloth by Feme

Cloth above by Feme and Schaarma
Bottom by Fashion Heritage and Jarene Indonesia

Cloth by Indonesia Heritage and Schaarma

Cloth by Jarene Indonesia

Last but not least!!!!!

Thank you for reading,hope some day they will be a successful fashion entrepreneur.
 P.S: it's doesn't late to start your own business.

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