BBQ All you can eat on KUTA

by - Juni 16, 2014

ALL you can eat!!? BBQ?!
hahaha,these is for you that love to eat~ it's ok, even it's in Kuta,Bali the price was not expensive!
curious? how much the price? where is it? calm down,i will tell you where is it,what the menu,and of course how much is it. Just scroll down ^ ^

I know what on your mind,night club?! yeah,in second floor was a night club but on the roof top was place where the BBQ held. These is the menu:

The all you can eat BBQ was so cheap and really delicious!! it was only 50,000 which is approx AUD$5.00! yea,i know It's hard to believe that. (You can eat until full for just Rp 50k.) but all of these is was true and you doesn't should pay the tax!! for the drink was exclude 50K,but if you doesn't want to bought the drink,you can drink water for free in the place that you quewee for the BBQ. (Water in the menu was oxywater in th bottle) :)

these is some picture of Sky Garden Roof top:

Sky Garden started as a simple, forward-thinking, dining and entertainment venue on Legian street, right in the center of downtown Kuta in 2005.

Thank you for reading.. :)
see you on next post..^ ^

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