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by - Juni 09, 2014

Hello food lover. Because of my friend told me there so many food from malang that must try and famous because of delicious, then when i got a holiday i went to malang with my friends and had a food travel. So scroll down for more picture and info.

Day One:
Cwi mie Gloria
Jl. K.H Agus Salim no 23 Malang
 After 4 hours,(actualy was 2 hours 30 minutes from Surabaya to Malang,but because of traffic it's became 4 hours.) Me and my friend felt exhausted and also hungry,then my friend told me that he want cwi mie,and then we goes here! 

 These Cwi mie was famous because of it taste that hot or spicy. But if you doesn't like spicy you can try the original one. :) These store open every day.

 Fried Pangsit/Dumplings
Hey,It's Dinner time!!!! Let's go to Bunga Bali cafe~
Bunga Bali Cafe
  Jl. Ungaran No. 22, Malang, Jawa Timur 65141, Indonesia
+62 341 341788

These Cafe name was Bunga Bali,Who knows that these cafe was served European food?! Before i goes there i think these resto was restourant that serve Balinesse food.Because of the name of these cafe was Bunga Bali. But avoiding that name taste the food that i tried was great! You should try these if you going here. :)

Roast Chicken Medallion
Thinly sliced roasted breast of chicken with bacon,mushroom,and shallot,mashed potato,vegetables and white wine sauce.

And for the dessert,Frying ice cream 
with chocolate sauce and some whip cream with cherry on top of it.

Day Two:
In the weather of malang that cold. I really want to eat something warm,to warm me up. Place that cozy and spending night chit chat with friends. So these is the place,
KL Express
JL.Villa Puncak Tidar

KL Express was restaurant that served Chinesse food,and not just a restaurant but also a cafe. Many people goes here because the place was cozy,with the weather of malang that cold and eat something warm was so relaxed with friends or family.

Day Three:

Bebek Pak Slamet ( Pak Slamet Duck)
JL.Soekarno Hatta D-407

Then next food that should tried was pak slamet duck. ^ ^ the skin of the duck was crispy and meat of the duck was over well cook. My friend told me that the taste of pak slamet duck was great,but because of i can't eat chili i doesn't tried it and eat the duck with sweet soy sauce.

Day Four:
Snack time,snack that should eat to is Bakso Bakar.
Bakso Bakar Pahlawan
JL. Pahlawan Trip

well,after eat something hot or warm let's drink something fresh and sweet. Milk from Nadhi Murni or people usually called KUD. There are 4 flavor of milk, first vanilla,chocolate,strawberry and then melon. The price for the small one was Rp 3500 and the big one was Rp 23.000. The milk was fresh and doesn't used any preservative.  

Day Five:
Had a chill out in Nest Cafe,Club House Istana Dieng. 
Drinking a Chocochips Milk shake and potato cheese scramble.

Nest Cafe in Club house Istana dieng
Jl. Raya Istana dieng 3

Chocochips milkshake 

Potato cheese scramble

Next,after chill out we eating lunch. when we ate these there was rain,rain with wind. So it's was really cold and windy. Then we choose to eat meat ball or bakso in indonesia language.
Subur Meatball / Bakso
 Jl. Taman Borobudur Utara 26

 Then the last but not least!!! Dinner time,for dinner on the last day we choose the most famous one. the must eat items when goes to malang. Yes!! it's Nasban.

Nasi Banting Cak San (Nasban)
JL. Jombangan
(In the GANG)
TELP : 0341-557209 

Nasban price Rp 3000,- until Rp 5000,- In NasBan Cak San you can find Heci, Tahu, Tempe Menjes, dan Banana fried or Pisang Goreng in Indonesia! The most sold was Heci. These place open at 21pm until his stock of Nasban sold out.
But if you doesn't want to queue for a long time,you can go there at 20.30. Because if already at 21.00 pm and the rice was ready,there will be really crowded.. -__-"

Thank you for reading and keep stay tune for next post that not lose with these. :)

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