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When I looked into recent updates in my instagram I saw an interesting picture that Hanarupark post. It's a dessert and meringue. > < I really want to try that and search about the place,then I was glad the place was in Surabaya and I'm here.. ^ ^ so.....

 This is picture that Hanarupark share on her instagram :

 This is a Caramelize Apple Parfait and Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

And this is Meringue. 

Well,Now it's my turn to share some picture with you..

This is a Roasted NZ Lamb, Tender enough,little bit too much odor but overall nice.. ^ ^

Then, this is Grilled beef striploin in black pepper sauce,with vegetables in butter emulsion,potato wedges and red pepercoin caviar.

Well,That's the Main Course..
after these is the most I loved, The Dessert.. ^ ^

 This is An Italian Traditional Tiramisu.

And this is a Cake Sampler

Really awesome right.
For Information that's menu just on actual day. But in Valentine day they had another special menu,Check these out.
 I'm sure that you really want to come and try that all. ^ ^
Oh,ya. If you want to relaxing your mind after work or maybe exam you can go there. I'm sure you will really enjoyed and relaxed. This place was cozy and really suit to spent your afternoon chit chat with your family or your friends while enjoyed afternoon tea. What a great day.. <3  Bay the way don't forget to try the Petit Four. :)

~Petit Four~
Location of De'Soematra is on
Jl. Sumatra No. 75, Surabaya,East Java

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