Sabtu, 30 Januari 2016

Suncheon Bay "Running man 230"

For these week posting it will be about Suncheon garden and bay.
Well, for all of you that love "Running man" and whose watch it on eps 230 I bet you know these place. ^ < 
Yup, in eps 230 Running man use these place as one of place to doing a mission, their mission is to doing estafet (Running and pass the baton to another person) and in the end of the estafet (the last person) should doing another things like flip the coins etc.

Guest for these scene is Handsome Oppa~
actually i watch this cause of Him "Nam Joo Hyuk" He's a model but he also being an Actor. I watch his drama "Who are you: School 2015" and really like it~ then I being a fan of him ^ ^

Enough talking about running man,let's move to the Suncheon it self.
Because of it's already November it's means autumn already comes. In the website and Instagram people just only share pictures about Suncheon while summer and Spring (just a few people that posting about it when autumn). Yup,these place are more beautiful when it's on Spring and Summer, because of many flowers and also the weather not cloudy or rain.

That's if Spring or summer, and posting below will be picture that taken by me while i'm visiting that place. :)
1. These are taken in Germany Garden

2. Taken in the Japanese Garden 
There's a medium tree, that these kind of plants are hanging in there.

Sexiest Coconut ever!!!
3. These are taken after ride sky cube.
it's take 10 minute to goes here by "sky tube". It's price 8000 (2 ways" go and back).

All tree leave already changed in to yellow or red. Yup, when i came there it's raining and my shoes are wet because of it. :'(

4. I though all the plants colour will be like picture above but, when i strolling around I found there's some flower left *Yeay
5. This famous spot of Suncheon (the circle mountain behind me) that before i mentioned as the place of "Running Man Eps 230 play"
 I also took the picture of it more closer,it's really cute. People who are walking up while holding their umbrella. The colour of their umbrella makes these picture are really cute*. :) *for me
and this view in when in the night 

Actually Suncheon garden and bay are really big, i almost strolling around of it. but well, as i mention before it's better while in Spring or Summer. I didn't posting all of picture here because of some of the garden are not good to post (flower already died and the colour turn to brown). Then last but not least, This is the map of Suncheon.
Thank you for reading.. ^ ^

Jumat, 15 Januari 2016


Ohayou ^ ^

Hello everyone, First review of 2016 goes to Kaminomoto"Hair Growth Accelerator (Gold/G)" 150ml. 

Hallo semuanya, Review pertama di tahun 2016 ini akan mengulas tentang Kaminomoto "Hair Growth Accelerator (Gold/G) 150ml ".  (Indonesian Language)

Hair is like a crown. Have a healthy, shining and plenty hair are all people wishing for. That's why people really concern about hair and it's usual for one person for using some hair treatment to maintain their hair.

Rambut adalah mahkota, memiliki rambut yang sehat, bersinar dan lebat adalah impian semua orang. karena itu,masalah rambut menyita banyak perhatian. Tak jarang satu orang dapat menggunakan banyak sekali produk perawatan rambut.

Well,i've hair loss problem after i dyed my hair, it's really sad when wash hair or combing it i got some hair loss. :' But after using it for 1 month the amount of hair loss are getting decrease even sometimes just a few and can be counted with hand. Beside decrease hair loss, result after using Kaminomoto is make hair stronger and theres some new hair grows. Yey~ :) 

Setelah mewarnai rambut aku jadi punya masalah rambut rontok, sedih banget pas keramas atau sisiran banyak rambut yang rontok.  Tapi sekarang jumlah rambut rontoknya uda berkurang bahkan bisa di hitung dengan jari. Selain rontoknya berkurang effect penggunaan yang lainnya itu rambut makin kuat dan banyak rambut baru tumbuh. Yey~  (In Indonesian Language)

Kaminomoto is the most renowned manufacturer of hair care products in Japan since 1908, all Kaminomoto hair growth preparations contains ingredients from natural sources. Table below contains ingredients and function of Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator (Gold/G) 150ml. :) 

Kaminomoto adalah produsen produk perawatan rambut yang paling terkenal di Jepang sejak 1908, Semua persiapan produk penumbuh rambut Kaminomoto mengandung bahan alami. Tabel di bawah ini adalah bahan-bahan dari Kaminomoto penumbuh rambut dan manfaatnya bagi rambut kita. :) (Indonesian Language)

You can see, all ingredients of Kaminomoto Hair accelerator below are natural and they have good impact for our hair.
hehehe..  ^ <

Kalian bias check sender di tabel di bawah ini bahan-bahan dari Kaminomoto Hair Accelerator (Gold/G) 150ml ini itu apa aja and manfaatnya buat rambut kita.
(Indonesian Language)

AllantoinALLANTOINFrees from dandruff and itching.
D-Pantothenyl AlcoholPANTHENOLEncourages cell function. Suppresses scalp inflammation.
Kamigen KSOPHORA ANGUSTIFOLIA ROOT EXTRACTAccelerates hair growth by encouraging cell functions of scalp and hair root, and activating blood circulation.
Pyridoxine HydrochloridePYRIDOXINE HClPrevents dandruff, and reduces excessive sebum.
Kamigen EISODON TRICHOCAPRUS EXTRACTAccelerates hair growth by encouraging cell functions of scalp and hair root, and activating blood circulation.
HinokitiolHINOKITIOLEncourages cell function of scalp and hair root.
Anti-septic function frees from dandruff and itch.
β-Glycyrrhetinic AcidGLYCYRRHETINIC ACIDFrees from dandruff and itch, suppresses inflammation.
Maintains healthy scalp.
Capsicum TinctureCAPSICUM ANNUUM EXTRACTPromotes hair growth by stimulating the scalp and hair root, and encouraging blood circulation.
Also, it works effectively to control itch.
NeotakanalNEOTAKANALAccelerates hair growth by encouraging cell function and activating blood circulation. Anti-septic function frees from dandruff and itch.

Next let's move to how to use it:
Selanjutnya,bagaimana cara pemakaiannya :

1. Before using Kaminomoto hair growth accelerator (Gold/G) it's better to wash hair with shampoo that less chemist then wait until 10 then wash it, after it it's better to using hair dryer to dry the hair.
1. Keramaslah dulu sebum menggunakan Kaminomoto hair growth accelator (Gold/G), gunakan shampoo yang bahan kimianya rendah dan gunakan hair dryer untuk mengeringkan rambut. (Indonesia Language)

2. Combing the hair and then sprinkle some onto scalp twice a day (In the morning and before bed time).
2. Sisir rambut lalu tuang Kaminomoto hair growth accelerator (Gold/G) secukupnya ke kulit kepala 2 kali sehari (Di pagi hari dan sebelum tidur).

3. Then massage with a circular motion so that serum can be absorb into the scalp and hair roots.

3. Pijat dengan gerakan memutar supaya serum bisa meneresap ke dalam bagian kulit kepala dan akar rambut. Serum di aplikasikan 2 kali dalam sehari, pagi dan sekitar 15 menit sebelum tidur.

4. Applying an appropriate amount regularly over a long time is more effective than applying a large amount once.
4. Dengan pemakaian yang tepat dan secara teratur selama waktu yang lama akan lebih efektif dari pada menerapkan sejumlah besar dalam sekali pemakaian.

Guys this Kaminomoto hair acceleration can be use for both of men or woman,so if you're man and want to try this product is it possible. :3
and this product not just works on me, i also found comment from people who also using Kaminomoto.

Kaminomoto hair acceleration dapat digunakan siapa aja. Jadi buat yang pria,kalau kalian mau coba produk ini nggak masalah :3
Produk ini tidak hanya sangat bekerja di aku loh, waktu browsing aku nemuin comment dari salah seorang pengguna Kaminomoto.

See, No more doubt to use Kaminomoto product right? You won't disappointed. 
Actually Kaminomoto company not just have this product,they have many great product. To check more about it you can visit their official website.
Nah nggak ragu lagikan buat nyoba produknya Kaminomoto?! Nggak bakal menyesal deh ^ <
Sebenarnya produk perusaan Kaminomoto ga hanya Hair Acceleration aja, mereka juga memproduksi beberapa produk lain yang juga ga kalah bagusnya dengan produk ini. Untuk lebih detailnya bisa di check di Kaminomoto official website.

Sekarang kalian produk Kaminomoto telah hadir di kota kalian. Tinggal pergi ke :


JAKARTA, BANDUNG, SERPONG, DEPOK, SURABAYA Atau bisa beli online di - Kosmetik Online
Really happy, because in these new year my hair problem can be solved, it's time to say good bye to hair loss :3
Thank you Kaminomoto
Seneng deh, di awal tahun baru ini masalah rambutku terpecahkan. Daa rambut rontok :3

Rabu, 13 Januari 2016

Jeju Travel Dairy day 2

Jeju Travel Diary day 2 start here~
Chocolate Factory we came!!! Our first destination of this day 2 Jeju travel diary is Chocolate Land / chocolate factory. ^ ^
To enter this you should pay 3000Won, and you can enjoy sight seen chocolate.

Then we move to the next stop!!!! We visited Famous "Teddy Bear Museum" It's must visited place if you going to Jeju ^ ^ 
Price entrance fee are 8.000 won.

There's so many famous teddy here such as : 
Einstein Teddy  
Audrey Hepburn Teddy 
"Goong Princess or Usually called Princess Hours Drama" One of Famous Korean 
Steve Jobs Teddy
Elvis Presley Teddy 
and there are still many famous teddy there that i'm not taking a photograph  with. Well beside famous teddy another things that you can see in here are some Teddy History 

You also can find some Teddy bear in the garden ^ ^ To get here just go in to the B1 floor then there's a door that connected with the souvenir place. First thing that you can saw while enter the garden is this giant bear > <

And you can buy teddy bear as a souvenir or gift <3 It's really cute :3
This Hanbok is for Spring, they have many colours.

This is for Winter, more elegant and calm.  
and many other teddy bear variant :)

TRIP not end yet! to go to next destination we should took bus first then took taxi because of there's no bus that directly goes there. But before we goes there we ate in Japanesse restaurant that we saw in the middle of way to go to Chonjiyeon waterfall.
I ordered Tonkatsu, price in this restaurant are affordable start from 6.000-20.000 for the food. 
We're going to Chonjiyeon waterfall after ate, it's famous because of the beauty of it. In there at 6 pm the sky already dark, not like in my country (Indonesia). 
Entrance fee to Chonjiyeon waterfall is 2.000 won for adult and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in there. ^ ^  *Pardon my face... > <

 Chonjiyeon waterfall really near to this bridge, If you want to go there you can use taxi or you can walk. it's around 100 meters from Chonjiyeon waterfall. 
Well, it's already night and the wind blows really hard, that's why in the middle way to cross the bridge i go back. :' 
Then we heading back to our place and take a rest. :) 

Well,that's all for this post.. ^ ^
Next post is the last post of the #JejuTravelDiary
Thank you for reading, have a great day.. ^ <