Jumat, 27 Maret 2015

Dough Darlings


These is new and not lose to the others that kind of it like j.co ^ ^
So these dough darlings are selling donut and establish in these 2015 by La'reia. Yup,that's La'reia the one i have been posted before. :)
Curious of what kind of donut that they sell? check these out!!

Their doughnuts are flavoured with real bean, maple syrup, lime, pepper, italian basil, blueberries, black pepper, peanut butter, sea salt, and so mush more that not fit in the the square in the picture below. ^ ^

So these is the flavour of the doughnuts :

The famous one : Honey Bacon  :3 

They had a really beautiful and also tempting photograph right?! So these is another photograph of the dough darlings doughnuts :  ^ ^

By the way,in the 14 Feb 2015 before Dough darlings was sell in the monopole coffee lab. They open from 10am. Excited right? when my friends goes there, the queue was really long and then that place was really crowded.. > <  

 And next!!! in Saturday on 21 Feb they will be sell the doughnuts on the Cup and Crumbs > <
All the cafe was located in Surabaya- Indonesia, :)
Excited to try it?? just go through to the Lareia Cfe that Located in the Ciputa World Surabaya, Their Cafe are near Omnivoro Restaurant, in the Fourth Floor. While you going there try also their cake!! Really delicious~

don't forget to follow them in the instagram @doughdarlings to know the latest event or the newest flavour. :) yum.. yum.. yum...  see you on next post ^ ^

Sabtu, 14 Maret 2015

V'day Make Up Challenge

Well,These is my look for the V'day make up challenge. That held by Rini Cesillia and Etude Recipe. http://www.rinicesillia.com/2015/02/valentine-day-k-pop-makeup-challenge.html?m=1
As we know valentine always related to sweet things and also pink colour,so i used it to be my base idea. And then for the K-pop make up i used the simple and natural one. Because it will be made we look fresh and also pretty at the same time,last but not least it also doesn't need much time.(It's Important because we can put more time to do something else like make our hair gorgeous,or choosing our best/suit outfit for Valday date). Look at these photo below,

Now I will explain what product that i used for make these looks.
First,For the foundation i used "The Body Shop" Extra Virgin minerals number 105- Rose Ivory
Second i used "Revlon Photoready airbrush" no 60- Golden Beige
Third, I used "The Body Shop" All in One Face Base no 05,

Then Fourth I used fake eyelashes "All-Belle"
After that Fifth, I applied eye brow with "Party Lover Cake eyebrow" from Tony Moly no 1
Sixth, using "The Body Shop" Shimmer Cubes Palette 07 eyeshadow (The pink one)

Seventh, I applied "NYX" eyeliner no SLL 102 Extreme Black/ Noir Extreme
Eighth, applied "NYX" Retractable eye liner MPE01 White,for the bottom of my eyes.

Ninth, With using "Princess Happy Ending Rose Cheek Blusher no 1" from Etude Series
Tenth, For the lips I used "The Body Shop" Lipstick no 03- Pink Charming
Last but not least I applied "Max Factor" vibrant curve effect lip gloss number 12- Urban Queen

That's all way to create these look. ^ ^

Anyone can be pretty if they add afford on it.Happy late Valday and also Happy White day all. :)

Selasa, 10 Maret 2015

KLCC Snack Time

Hello! The day 3 of my journey in KL or we usually called Kuala Lumpur has done! Before i just write about Aquaria the Aquarium Theatre that location in the KLCC,then these is all about these 3rd day. Enjoy!
Yup,when come to the KL (Malaysia) We should take a photograph in these spot,right?!
The Famous Petronas Tower!!!!
Then in don't forget to try these also (Located in the mall near the Petronas Tower,but not in the suria mall) :

1.Moo Cow (Yoghurt)

2. Auntie Anne's (When I came there,the queue for buying these was so long).

3. Garret Popcorn. (You should bought these when going there,especially the caramel taste).

4. Famous Amous Cookies. These cookies was different from another cookies that i ever tried, really fall in love with it and can't help my self to not eat it more and more. :D

Well as you can see,all about the snack and beverages. But hope it's will be useful if you going there and confused what should to eat or buy while in the KLCC.:3
Next post will be the last post about my trip in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks for reading.. ^ ^

Selasa, 03 Maret 2015

-Discover the amazing ocean in the city-

Today post is all about aquaria the amazing ocean in the city. :) In day 3, i goes to KLCC and then visit these place. Because of too many picture and details about my visit in here, i decide to make all of it into 1 post.
Then first, let me introduce you to The Bamboo Shark. ^ ^ in these aquaria they display how he's life cycle.
Stage 1

Stage 2 (The Young Bamboo Shark)

Next Is the Lagoon Hunter (Yup, it's fery tiny and also skinny) > <

Next is one of my fav, It's Shrimp!!!!
So there are so many species of them in here but i just mention some :)

These is the Fire Shrimp. Cute isn't it?

 And these is the Purple Lobser~

How about the Garden eel? Do you know it?

These aquaria are located in KLCC,Nestled in the heart of the bustling “Golden Triangle” of Kuala Lumpur and within walking distance from the iconic Twin Towers,Aquaria KLCC is a state of the art oceanarium showcasing over 5000 different exhibits of aquatic and land-bound the Concourse Level of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

And now it's the fish turn!!
 These is Crocodilefish 
 And these is Stonefish

 Then these is Lionfish

Extreme name isn't it?? But they had a beautiful skin... :3 hihihi...

So these is the Redtail Catfish (Catfish is Lele in indonesia Language)
Another Big Fish!! is here!!  I think it's about 1,5 meters.. >__<
It's Arapaima!!
 After the big Fish now is the small fish with bright Yellow colour, it;s name is Cowfish~ 
Cute ist it? Pardon for the picture of the fish that i toke was small n also blur.. - ____ -"
 Actually there are many kinds of them that i want to post,but i think all of you will be boring. So I just post it some. :) How about you visit it by your self? it's kind a fun,especially with your boyfriend/girlfriend or also with your friends. :)

The Open daily are : 10:30 am to 8 pm. Last admission: 7pm (Including Weekends & Public Holidays) and if you search for a parking, parking is available at the adjoining outdoor car park and multi-level covered basement car park.

So after all that’s are my journey in these aquaria. Thank you for reading~ ^ ^