CWFW2016 New Trends of Fashion

by - September 27, 2016

Bella Amanda here, reporting big hit for fashion lover!!!
Girl's i know you like this.....
Another big event for fashion lover are here~
 Ciputra World Fashion Week 2016 or famous known as CWFW start from 21st until 25th September report!! 
This event is one of severals fashion week that should be check out!! Many new and famous designer collection are here and i really love this kind of event. Even i love it, i just attend some and i bring it up here just for you ^ <

DID you Know!!!??? UNIVERSITAS CIPUTRA FASHION DESIGN student also contribute in this event, they bring theme "Neoninvasion"

And on the last day (25 September )local designers who bring concept "ready to wear" are showing their design on the CWFW stage. The designers and their design: 

  • Margaretha J

  • Lily Stephanie

  • Fonny Tunggal

  • Fedora Thamrin X Bellasima by Aivi Signature

AND there's Guest Designer, Famous of his great design Opi Bacthiar!!!
I've sister that younger 2 years old than me, and last year she became the fitter for his design. She said that his work are awesome, and it's such a honor for her to became the fitter. 

I know some of you curious did i took his picture, Yeesss! i took his picture and not just him but together with me. He's also very humble!

Then this is his design that catch my eyes (I don't mean that the rest are not good, but this is my fav) :)   

Oh ya,not all of the picture above are mine. Several photos i took from instagram (cause mine not really good for that cloth). :)
All of them are really inspiring <3
Well,Thank you for reading.. ^ ^
See you on the next post~

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