My travel diary of Busan

by - Oktober 19, 2015

Then for this post i will share about my short vacation in Busan~
Busan is second largest city after Seoul, with a population of approximately 3.6 million.
There are so many place to visit but because of "short trip" so we (me and my friends) just go to the famous place to visit.

First place to go is "Gamchon Culture Village"
How to get here?? Well, it's really easy, just took subway (MRT/Monorail) Then took bus number 2 or 2-2 ^ ^ and then they will take you the Gamchon.

The view in there was really beautiful, You can see it through my picture below. :)

Beside the scenery, there also so many picture in the wall that can be your photo background.

There are famous spot for photo, Yup it's young princess and fox. So many tourist are came and queue for taking a picture with this statue. :)

There's my favourite actor who are born in Busan,and he also took picture in here. (Picture below)

Beside the beautiful scenery, there also some snack that famous here.
Chicken then pudding and many kinds of tea.

Every famous place always have shop to bought souvenir and this is their souvenir. Cute isn't it? it was made by paper. (Shoes below) ^ ^

Then because we arrive here in the evening, now we're heading to ate. Every portion price are same (there's 3 portion small, medium and large) This is Japanese Restaurant. :)
then after eat we heading back to the hotel then take a rest before get ready to the busan tower. ^ ^ price to goes up is 5000won, and it's closed at 10pm. From here you can see all of busan city.. :)

for the dinner we ate big / giant squid. that are located near out hotel in hongdae. :)

Then the next day we visit "Sky Walk" the entrance is free and while i'm in there the wind are so strong.. > <
As you can see just only rock and water here~ But well, this place is must visit and really crowded.

It's lunch time!!!
For lunch we ate the famous octopus~ 

After ate we're heading to shinsaege (the biggest department store). and shopping, well if you want to goes here, just use Subway stop in the Centum City. While walking around in here, we spotted this delicious snack!!!! I choose bacon one, but they also sell shrimp,and many more.
 Beside snack, we also spotted the famous cup cake ever!!!
and we ate this delicious bbq samgyeopsal cheese melted... Really yummy!!

Next day stop is 
Usually people goes here for hiking, but our motive to goes here not for hiking. Well, my friend said that when his friend was jogging here they found place/ spot that can see all of Busan. 

If you want to go up without hiking there's a cable car, for 2 ways (go up and go down) price are 8000won. From the cable car you can see big stadium in the Busan, Busan building and many more. :) Because of now is autumn the weather was little bit cold, so if you want to goes here you should bring your jacket and using trouser.

Beside the view and the forest it self, you also can visit the temple that not far from the cable car.

and then we goes to line cafe, these place are really cute.. Especially the big fluffy browny doll~ 

last but not least before came back to Daejeon we visit Gwangali bridge

Actually Busan have many beautiful place to visit, but because of one to another spot are little bit far so we cannot visit all of them. That's all, Thank you for reading~   

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