How to apply eye liner

by - Mei 13, 2015

one thing that people often find difficult to do themselves is applying liquid eyeliner. Here a few tips that will help you, but practise makes perfect! You will need compact mirror so you can get up close, and it's much easier to use a really good eyeliner brush rather than the applicator that comes with the product. You may also find a cream or gel eyeliner easier to use than a liquid,as it's a bit easier to control.

So follow these steps :

1. Dip your brush into your chosen eyeliner, and make sure it's well coated. Wipe off the excess on the back of your hand, spinning the brush so as to make it into a good point.

2. Take your compact mirror and hold it slightly lower down. Raise your chin so your eyes are almost closed. This will allow you to keep both eyes are open. If you close one eye,it tends to screw up slightly and you won't get a smooth line.

3. If you don't feel confident to do a line in one sweep, start in the middle and take the line out to the outer corner. You can keep going over this, each time  edging gradually further towards the inner corner.

4. Try not to pull your eyelid taut, as this can distort the line. You want to keep your eyelid in as natural a position as possible so you can see exactly put the line.

5. You want your line to finely taper off at the inner corner and get thicker towards the outer corner. tapering off upwards into a flick.

6. Make sure the flick is a smooth curve rather than a tick. A good rule thumb is to follow the curve of your lower lid as if you were extending that curve.

Then you are ready to go!!!  ^ ^
So these is some tips for you,hope it's will be useful. Thanks for reading.. :)

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