Kamis, 30 April 2015

Cosmic Dinner

Another review of cafe are coming! Well actually these place can also be said as a restaurant.
These Place was really unique, they had their characterictisc on the interior that made it different from the other place. Well,I came here because of when i see it from the outside these place are interesting. Then Here i'm, sitting in the second floor of it. Well,I'm not alone of course, :) I'm with my friend a musician in the Aussie his name is Aseq. (You can see his picture in the bottom of these post).
Then because of i already ate i came here just because Aseq tomorrow will be back to Aussie,Then I not ate heavy food.
In their menu they had Pancake and also a Waffle, but i tried the Pancakes one. N these is the menu :

"The Sweet Escape"
Classic pancakes drenched in icing sugar, served with fresh banana topped with vanilla gelato & chocolate sauce.

"Your Dentist's Flavour "
The classic pancakes with chocolate chip, drenched in icing sugar,topped with mint chocolate chip gelato and chocolate sauce.

"Pretty In Pink"
Classic pancakes drenched in icing sugar served with fresh strawberry, topped with strawberry gelato & strawberry sauce.

Classic pancakes drenched in icing sugar, served with fresh banana topped with coffee gelato & chocolate sauce.

"The Wild West"
Classic pancakes with crispy bacon, sausage & roasted cherry tomatoes.
Their price are : For mini (1 stack) 35k, original (2 stacks) 43k, and the satisfying (3 stacks) are 49k

"Strawberry pancakes" 
Classic pancakes drenched in icing sugar served with fresh strawberry, syrup & whipping cream.

"Banana Pancakes"
Classic pancakes drenched in icing sugar, served with fresh banana, syrup & whipping cream.

"Chocolate Chip Pancakes"
Classic pancakes drenched in icing sugar, chocolate chip,syrup & whipping cream.

Their price are: For mini (1 stack) 25k, original (2 stacks) 33k, and the satisfying (3 stacks) are 39k

Choose which one that you like to eat,mine? The "Your Dentist's Flavour"

And my friend Aseq,ordered Fish and Chips

For the drink:
The menu for drinks are:
- Java Tea 19k
- Green Tea 21k
- Lemonade 27k
- Pink Lemonade 27k
- Cranberry Lemonade 27k
- Passion Fruit Lemonade 27k
- Lychee Lemonade 27k
- Raspberry Tea 29k
- Lychee Tea with lychee fruit 35k
- Arnold Palmer (1/2 Lemonade 1/2 Ice tea) 29k
- Ice Tea with Lemon Sorbet 29k
- Ice Tea with Lime Sorbet 29K
 (All in Indonesian Rupiah)

My choice for the drink are "Pink Lemonade"

Looks really refreshment right? really suit in these hot and tiring day after had a class or work.  ^ ^
all of my photo was taken in the Cosmic Dinner that located in the Cosmic Dinner In Nakula Street / Sunster Star, In the second floor. You can also try these Cosmic Dinner in the Lippo Mall,in the Kuta-Bali.

You can recommend me a place that you want to me to write the review. ^ ^ or if it not a place may be tutorial or a tour many be. :) Just comment below. 
Thank you For reading  ^ ^

Selasa, 21 April 2015

First Love Patisserie

Another sweets review are here! Today are "Mille Crepes from First Love” who doesn’t know Mille Crepe? well if you don’t know i will explain it to you. Mille Crepes is a layered cake,making these cake are had a long time because of we should make the layer one by one and then arrange it together. Now Mille Crepes had many flavour and many bakery are sell these.

Today what will i review are Mille Crepes from First Love, Located in the Ciputra World Mall- Surabaya. In the 4 Four, near xi lin. Their Instagram Account are @firstlovepatisserie
What the variant of their Mille Crepes?
1.Belgian Chocolate
6.FrenchVanilla (Original)

And they also sell cake, in picture below is Red Velvet Cake

How about the price?

Mille Crepes : 
1. Original 
* French Vanilla 
IDR 29k/slice, IDR 290k/regular size whole cakes and IDR 335k/large size whole cakes 

* Matcha -Japanese Green tea 
* Belgian Chocolate
* Cappucinno
* Blueberry
* Oreo
* Strawberry
IDR 30k/slice,IDR 305k/regular whole cakes and IDR 375k/large whole cakes

Desserts (Cakes):
> Checkerboard IDR 40k
> Chocolina IDR 26k
> Red velvet IDR 30k
> Autumn cake IDR 30k

Beverages :
1. Hot Drinks  
Espresso IDR 20k
Cappucino IDR 25k
Coffee- R/L IDR 20k/23k
Cafe Mocca Latte IDR 28k
Hot Chocolate IDR 28k
Milk Tea IDR 18k
Lemon Tea IDR 18k
Green Apple Tea IDR 22k
2.Cold Drinks
Coffee Vanilla Float IDR 29k
Cafe Latte IDR 28k
Green Tea Latte (Blended) IDR 35K
Applelicious IDR 28k
Lemonlicious IDR 20K

Mineral water (Evian 500ml) IDR 18k

If you never eat these kind of cake before, they had tester of the original taste the French Vanilla, you'll get 1 bite of it. ^ ^ The texture was really soft. Then i bought the flavour Oreo and Belgian Chocolate.

After i ate that i prefer if i came here again to buy the original one. It’s more delicious that what i ate and the slice of the cake are too small. :(
But after all these cake taste and platting was good.  ^ ^
(Pardon,i already cut it before i took a photo of it) > <

These is the display cake,it's not the real cake. It's was made by plastic. Really similar to the real one isn't it?

For me their place was not really pretty,but they had good advertising. Their packaging also cute.They also had a free sample that are the plus point for them. Because they are a new brand and in Surabaya,and there are some bakery that famous of their Mille Crepes.

Then that’s all for these post,Thank you for reading. If you want me to review something like restaurant,cafe,food,or product you can comment in these post or on My Facebook Account @AmandaTorquise

Sabtu, 11 April 2015

TBS Harajuku Lip & Cheek Stain

Welcome to my blog,today i would like to share about review beauty product. These product was produced by The Body Shop.
The name of these product is Lip & Cheek Stain Doll but what i have is the harajuku limited edition one.

First, the review when i use it on my lips.

Then after that is when i put it on my cheeks.

They texture was liquid,and had a sparkle”, and the colour was really strong while first applied. But will be adapt to natural colours. If i applied on hand will be like this:

The price are IDR 299k and it’s 28ml

Actually they had the other package that more cheap and also contain less ml. But because of fall in love with this packaging,i bought this. ^ ^
Thank you for reading, if i made any mistake or you want me to add something on it you can give me your comment.  ^ ^

Minggu, 05 April 2015


A New Place to visit in Bali. ^ ^
IG : @Paphiospatisserie 
When i came there the whiter was raining and it's warm inside, i came because of my sister who love traveling and visit new place. Then here we are. So,i would like to share it to you all. Hope it's will be helpful (If you are also search a new place or want to try something new)

That pic of me are taken by my sist..  ^ ^
In the picture above you can see me and my sits ordered 2 kind of dessert. That in front of me was Choco Banana,and then the one with vanilla ice cream is molten cake. I prefer the molten cake one than the Choco Banana, the taste of Choco Banana was too sweet,made me feel full and also does't want eat it anymore. -____-"  
Actually these cafe was selling pia, The Brand name is "Pia riga raja" Beside selling pia,they also sell another dessert. The picture of it below :
About the drink,you can see in the picture above. They had many kinds of drink. when i was there i choose hot chocolate (because of rainy) and my sis order Lechy tea.
Then these is all dessert that they sell. ^ ^

Lokasinya di JL. Tukad Yeh Aya 112A. Renon- Denpasar,Bali. (Beside of DOREMI Kindergarden).
Then that's all about these cafe. See you next post,also about cafe~ ^ ^
If you difficult to found it, you can use waze app.