Japanesse Look with Canmake

by - November 08, 2016

I know you will love this one like i do ^ ^
I tried to make Japanesse look here, using Japan cosmetics "Canmake"

What the difference between Korean and Japanesse make up??
The different just only on the eyebrow, while Korean have straight eyebrow Japanesse have high in the bottom of the eyebrow. I did make a comparation below :)

Then next is step by step for making the look~
First, sunscreen then bb cream. This bb cream is really light and also give natural looks but not really cover up. If you have healthy skin (without pimples or redness) this bb cream can be used even if you have sensitive skin. 

Next step is powdering, i've used the two way cake one. This one is more heavy than compact powder, more covering, but both of compact and this two way cake was easily to be crack. After few hours there's crack below my eyes (on puff area). > < i think this suit for natural looks without bb cream.

Well, now we moving to the hardest part TT___TT 
For me this is the hardest part, "MAKING EYEBROW"
I took long time for making it, but i still wanna share how to make it.
Make the box first with pencil eyebrow (not exactly box,but like a frame of your eyebrow). After it, fill in with cake eyebrow or you can use eyebrow tint. Then don't forget to brush it, it will gives natural look on your eyebrow. Below is picture of eye shadow (there's like an diamond in the centre of it and below it also eye shadow) The eye brow is on the right of the eye shadow (in the middle).

The difficult part already passed, let's make the eye shadow :) Applying first the light over the eyes then one tone darker just near by the eyelashes, then last is the darkest one on the end of the eyes. If difficult to following you can see the picture below then copying it. Well, don't forget after applying the darkest colour blend it all. 

After it now we make the eyeliner, As usual....
Look down and try to draw it from the back to the front.
if want to know more detail can click this.

Then we move to another step which is blush on.
Blush on will makes your face looks fresh, and also give different impression based in the colour that you've use. For example, pink colour will give sweet/ cute look and if orange will give a fresh look. 
I used the pink one, Cream cheek number 7 and if you more love the glittery one you can use flowery blush on number .

 I put mascara on my eye lashes.
and now we're moving on to the lip > < this one is the best part :p
I directly used lip gloss, this one lip gloss not like usual lip gloss. The colour of it will matched your body temperature!!!!
I really love this <3 

If you doesn't want you can put pink colour or red, both of it are avail :)

After all above, it's depends on you if you want put on some countoring.
If me i just put it on my nose to make it look up.
Then this is it!!!!!!

I'm trying and learning, i really appreciate any feedback or comments :)
Sincerely, Bella Amanda T 

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