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Like eat sushi??? Maybe you will love these place too. Located in East Surabaya in Lenmarc mall, near food land. I really love these place,because of that place is cozy but also play the Running Man my favourite variety show. Not just it,i love that place because i can do my home work or study for exam there while eating sushi..  ^ ^
So these post is about de'sushi , all of these pic are taken when i was studying for final exam.

So these is what i ate when i was there

I will explain about the picture above from the left to right. So in the left is Chicken Teriyaki,in front of it is a glass of hot ocha and beside that glass is a bowl of rice and then my favourite Salmon Skin Roll Maki, then in the bottom is Salmon Teriyaki. 

Bay the way,I'm not alone ate that.I'm with my friend. We studying for final exam ~_~"

 It's Salmon Skin Roll :3

If you ask me what recommended menu,i will say it's Salmon Teriyaki. Yumyum~ Love it. beside the cooked one ialso recommended you the sushi not just the salmon skin roll maki but the chula idako gunkan too!!!! Yea,I'm not taking the chuka idako gunkan pic.. :' sorry,because i was hungry and dying because of these Operational and Financial Management.. TT_TT

Hehehe.. These is just part of the menu that i took because of i love these pic and would like to share it to you. :) hehehe.. yes,it's my favourite drink "ocha",not just because it's healthy if you order these in the de'sushi you can get the refill and drink as many as you want. :3

So these all in these post,hope you like it. ^ ^ Thank you for reading. :) Kinda leave comment and also follow me on my instagram account "Amanda Torquise". Have a great day~

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