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by - November 11, 2014

Who doesn’t know that JFW2015 already held?? Yes,Its held on 1-7 November 2015 on Senayan City,Jakarta. There are many famous designer,famous artist and also many beautiful clothes.. > < Well,I’m reall grateful because of i got an invitation to attending the JFW 2014 (just one day on 1 Nov 2014) and…….  In these post,i would like to share some outfit that catch my heart in JFW 2015. Hope you enjoy it. :p 

 Ivan Gunawan

Marcia Muliadi 

Denny Setiadi

Denny Wirawan

Jeanny Ang

Abinery Ang 


 Albert Yanuar

Aditha siswandi

Peggy Hartanto

But from that all i being in love with these 3 designer collection; First is Designer Maria Ruth Fernanda

Second is Rima Pratiwi 

Third Imelda Kartini and,My favourite blogger also in JFW2014 : Anastasia Siantar with Imelda Kartini

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