by - Oktober 11, 2014

It's already saturday,and now i would like to introduce you my new fav place.. :3
TooTooMoo... I know some of you what is that,how read that and many more. Well, TooTooMoo is a cafe located in the Surabaya,East Java. For me, these cafe was not easy to found (their sign nor really can be seen because of many trees there but also the cafe was like normally house just add sign in the front garden then done).
When i came inside, i can't hold my self to take photograph. > <
Their place was so homie and comfortable. Well i came there with my friends Sherry and Meike. (Sherry in the middle one,and Meike on the right side)

Well,we came here in the evening i think it's about 1.30 or 2 pm. Then these is some picture of it :)

My Favourite is Lemon Meringue Pie, in the top of it sweet but in the middle is sour.. > < really love it,it's make me fell refresh . :P

and the other cakes was also beautiful and cute.

Thank you for reading. :) see you on next post.. ^ ^

Blue Cardigan by Colorbox
White Top by Cammomille
Black Skirt by Jrep
Silver Shoes by Ipanema

For any inquiries like reviews or endorsement you can contact me trough line : abell7 
have a great day..  ^ ^

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