Selasa, 18 November 2014


Well it's already more than 2 month, me and my friends already build our own business. And now i would like to introduce it to you.. ^ ^ Our business is pastry that named Pietisiere, why Pietisiere? the words came from Patisserie that means chef for dessert and because we're specialist in pie so we change the name in to Pietisiere. ^ ^ Well these business was founded in 17 august 2014 that had 5 members on it.
So these is our logo

And these is the picture of our product
Name : Crack Pie

The main ingredients of Crack pie is wheat, we bought a whole wheat and process it by our self, bake it and then finally it's became crack pie. :3

Until now there are 3 flavour : 

Milk ( Original )  >  Milky Crack

Cheese  > Cheese Crack

Chocolate  >  Choco Crack

For a price : if you buy whole cake like picture below the price is 180k

and if you buy a slice like picture below the price is 25k

I'm very proud to tell you that we're already winning a competition for young Entrepreneur in Universitas Ciputra that held by Yovita Lesmana (Motivator and Personality Trainer).

These is pic that we take in th 25 of October 2014, we join to the bazaar that held by AOG 
p.s these is mini size just sell in the bazaar not for sell after the bazaar

For info and order you can add line : abell7 and place your order. We're feel so sorry because it's only on Surabaya and around Surabaya like Sidoarjo, etc (fee for delivery Surabaya only 12k) 

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GOD bless you.. :)

Selasa, 11 November 2014

Review JFW2015

Who doesn’t know that JFW2015 already held?? Yes,Its held on 1-7 November 2015 on Senayan City,Jakarta. There are many famous designer,famous artist and also many beautiful clothes.. > < Well,I’m reall grateful because of i got an invitation to attending the JFW 2014 (just one day on 1 Nov 2014) and…….  In these post,i would like to share some outfit that catch my heart in JFW 2015. Hope you enjoy it. :p 

 Ivan Gunawan

Marcia Muliadi 

Denny Setiadi

Denny Wirawan

Jeanny Ang

Abinery Ang 


 Albert Yanuar

Aditha siswandi

Peggy Hartanto

But from that all i being in love with these 3 designer collection; First is Designer Maria Ruth Fernanda

Second is Rima Pratiwi 

Third Imelda Kartini and,My favourite blogger also in JFW2014 : Anastasia Siantar with Imelda Kartini

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Senin, 03 November 2014

Pink Peach

Hello everyone,I promised that i will update about the pict that me wearing pink dresses, so these!!! Actually it's not a photo shoot, i make up and dresses like these to attend my siblings wedding on tristar surabaya. hehehe... i'm very thankful that many of you said i'm beautiful wearing these dress.. :) Then these is my picture.. ^ ^

Thank you for supporting me,I really appreciate it and i'm so sorry if i had a mistake, see you on next post.. Have a great day :)

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