Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2014

Museum Angkut

All ready weekend guys,are you already had a plan?  if not may be you can go to these beautiful and interesting place. May be some of you already know these place.(especially who live in the Batu,Malang) Yes,it’s called Museum angkutan. Well,when first time i arrive i saw many people queue to bought a ticket and I should queue for 15 minutes to bought that ticket. -_____-“ If you bring Camera like SLR you should pay more around 20k or 30k (actually i’m not remember it exactly). 
Cant wait any longer in the out side me and my friend came in to the museum (the weather is hot and made me sweat and dizzy). The first thing that i saw when i entered are dokar, and some cars that made before i was born. There are also had miniature of famous ship (Titanic and many more). Really awesome right. :)
These is some photograph that i take with my iPad. :)

Then i walking around, enjoyed my time there. Take a photograph, sit and chit chat for a while in the garden. The garden was really beautiful,it’s like in the Europe (the architecture). Many family and also couples came here. :)

That’s review from me about place to go. ^ ^ 
Thank you for reading,have a nice weekend.  :)  

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Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2014


It's already saturday,and now i would like to introduce you my new fav place.. :3
TooTooMoo... I know some of you what is that,how read that and many more. Well, TooTooMoo is a cafe located in the Surabaya,East Java. For me, these cafe was not easy to found (their sign nor really can be seen because of many trees there but also the cafe was like normally house just add sign in the front garden then done).
When i came inside, i can't hold my self to take photograph. > <
Their place was so homie and comfortable. Well i came there with my friends Sherry and Meike. (Sherry in the middle one,and Meike on the right side)

Well,we came here in the evening i think it's about 1.30 or 2 pm. Then these is some picture of it :)

My Favourite is Lemon Meringue Pie, in the top of it sweet but in the middle is sour.. > < really love it,it's make me fell refresh . :P

and the other cakes was also beautiful and cute.

Thank you for reading. :) see you on next post.. ^ ^

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have a great day..  ^ ^

Kamis, 02 Oktober 2014


Hello October~ Let started these month with something different!!!! Then these is my newest photo shoot with odette visual.We had a great time while photo shoot the photographer was really kind. On these post i would like to share my picture to you. :) well, it's the first time for me to style like these. I prefer Japanese or Korean style,but i wanna try to out from my comfort zone. :3
So...... These is some picture of them.

Thank you for reading. :) See you on next post. Have a great day~

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