Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

Beauty Belle

Pantone has been determined that Greeny is the color of 2017. They called it greeny because it symbolizes our relationship with nature.
Pantone explained that green in here is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first day of spring.
And i'll try to make a look inspired by it on this post.
I will combine the green color with touch of pink.
after apply eyeshadow without fake lashes
As i mention before i will use green eyeshadow, is used from Nature Republic (Korean). I applied it all over the eyes, and in the bottom of the eyes i use orange from the saem (Korean) looks bright right :)
After use the fake eyelashes
False Lashes from Silver Swan number
This is the natural one (They have many types of it)
So Far this is the best fake lashes i've ever tried!!!
Smooth, look a like real lash, really easy to use, and the glue also fast to dry!
What i like beside all above is the thin and thick batting of the lashes. It's blend to my real lashes.
And As you can see their box also wrapped beautifully <3
Super recommended girls~

Mascara that i usually use is "From Dolly Wink - Black"
I just applied it in the front of my lashes cause of the fake lashes just only from middle to back.

My fav Blusher!!!
Etude Princess Happy Ending : Belle
I really love this, the pattern of the rose really beautiful and the color turns pretty on my skin.
There're 2 colors of it but i'll use the darker one.

Cause i bring up the natural theme, i prefer the oil tint from skin food (korean brand)

Then here is it the full face? :)

If you want the lashes you can see through : Silver Swan
They have many variations of the lashes, choose as you need~
And this is collaboration between Silver Swan with Surabaya Beauty blogger.
What is Surabaya Beauty blogger?
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Sabtu, 25 Maret 2017

Simplicity Mukka

A few weeks ago i received a package from Mukka, curious what inside the package that i got?
Here is it ^ ^
As you can see. All of it dominate by pink color and my bad to used a pink colors background > <
I will explained it from left to the right. There is Nail polish no , this is different than usual nail polish which is the color can change base on the temperature. When i applied it the color is pink but when it already dry the color changed in to baby peach. Well, it change in to pink again when the temperature is cold.

Next beside the nail polish with shocking pink tube is Eyeliner. This is liquid eyeliner in black color. It quite fast to dry even an liquid one (Usually not easy to dry). The brush is really thick, i really careful when using it. Afraid to be spread :(

In the bottom of both of nail polish and eyeliner is Lip pen. I got number 07 #this is my lucky number, i hope the color also good on me. :) When i open it the smell of bubble gum spread!! OMG, THIS IS SO NICE~ then i applied little on inner of my lips and use fingers to membuat rata. Taraa~

And last is eyeshadow, the color is pretty nice. It also pigmented, i try to wash it with water and some of the color not faded away (Pink and Blue) 
Well, I do some swatch below... :)
Green - Blue- Pink- Gold
Silver pink (right top)- Purple - Red - Orange - Ash- White
 Even it really dusty when i swipe it, and also really fragile. It worth to try! Nice color, quite good quality and came in not expensive price. :)
They now can do shipping, so if you feel difficult to find the product just click link below.
and this blog post is a partnership between Mukka Cosmetics with Surabaya Beauty Blogger.
Other member of Surabaya Beauty blogger also received some product from Mukka with different colors as i got, see more on the

Thank you~
Bella Amanda

Senin, 20 Maret 2017

#Red Days Hygiene


Kali ini aku mau share singkat seputar kewanitaan,yang di alami oleh semua wanita dari pada saat puber hingga pada akhirnya menopause. Yaitu MENSTRUASI / HAID.
Sebelumnya menstruasi itu apa sih???

(BASED ON WIKIPEDIA) Menstruasi atau haid adalah perubahan fisiologis dalam tubuh wanita yang erjadi secara berkala dan dipengaruhi oleh hormon reproduksi baik FSH-Estrogen atau LH-Progesteron. 
Pada masa-masa menstruasi inilah dimana dinding” rahim rontok/ mengelupas karena sel telur tidak di buahi.  Siklus menstruasi rata-rata terjadi sekitar 28 hari. namun,tidak semua wanita memiliki siklus menstruasi yang sama, ada yang 21 bahkan ada yang 30 hari. Dan KeTika haid akan berlangsung dari 2 hingga 7 hari dan max 15 hari.

Buat yang laki-laki mungkin bisa mengingat tanggal dimana pasangan kalian sedang mens dan bisa memperkirakan kapan kira-kira akan mens lagi. Sehingga bisa berjaga”? ;D 
PMS = Menstruasi / Haid
Nah, ada beberapa hal yang harus di perhatikan ketika sedang mens:
Saat mens, pembalut merupakan hal utama yang pasti dipakai wanita. Jangan malas untuk menggantinya terutama jika darah mens sedang banyak-banyaknya. Alasan utamanya adalah untuk mencegah terinfeksinya feminine kita.
Selain harus mengganti pembalut dengan rutin, juga tidak boleh lupa untuk menjaga kebersihan tubuh terutama di area feminine. Hal ini bermanfaat untuk menghindarkannya dari berbagai macam bakteri penyebab infeksi.

Oleh karena itu, menjadi penting bagi para wanita untuk membersihkan daerah kewanitaannya dengan lebih seksama pada saat menstruasi dengan menjaga kebersihan dan kelembaban di daerah kewanitaan.

Betadine Ini adalah pembersih antiseptik kewanitaan sebagai disinfektan vagina untuk mengobati gejala iritasi ringan, gatal, dan keputihan serta menjaga flora vagina normal tetap ada saat bekerja menurunkan infeksi hingga batas minimum. Denggan pengunaan Betadine Feminine Hygiene dapat menurunkan resiko terinfeksinya feminine kita. 

Betadine Feminine Hygiene ini sendiri sudah terbukti dan terpercaya banget dengan kandungan Povidone - Iodine itu tidak hanya membunuh / mengatasi bakteri dan jamur saja seperti kebanyakan antiseptik. Tapi povidone - iodine juga mampu mengatasi virus dan mempertahankan kadar flora normal di area kewanitaan. Di Indonesia peredaran Betadine sendiri dikelola oleh Mundipharma, yang merupakan jaringan global dari perusahaan farmasi yang pusatnya di Amerika.
Jadi sudah terbukti dan terpercayakan?! ^ ^

Yuk kita sama-sama aware dan menjaganya~

Ready to glow - #YesStyle Skincare Essential

Few weeks ago i received Beauty Box from Yesstyle 
Skin Essentials Exclusive for Blogger Campaign. I really thankful being one of blogger that can trying out YesStyle Beauty Box > < 
As you can see the box is really pretty!!! I also love the design of this box and can’t help my self to unboxing it as soon as i received the box.
Well, This Skincare Essentials box are for Normal to Combination skin. In this post i’m not just will show you what inside the box but will add some reviews. 
I'm ready to Glow~

This foaming cleanser removes blackheads, whiteheads and pore-cleansing blend of black rice, black soybean, black sesame extracts plus macadamia and jojoba seed oils. I really like this product, this is really works!!! I show u details of this product below. :)
You can see the button on the right of it?? push that one until the cream comes out from the middle of the brush and then apply it over your nose. :)

This clay-based mask uses kaolin, salicylic acid and hinoki cypress extract to treat blemishes, cleanse and tighten pores. Use it all over the face or as a spot treatment after washing the face. After 10-15 minutes, gently wash off with lukewarm water. This is just external only and kind a avoid contact with eyes. :) 
This one have strong smell! but didn't give any mint or cool feeling when i applied on my face. Inside of it also pink like the name of this product "pink powder"

Follow with this toner formulated with salicylic acid and hinoki cypress extract to help treat and soothe blemishes while maintaining oil and water balance in skin.

Take a break for 15 minutes and pop on this alcohol-free mask steeped in a serum made with snail filtrate, bee venom, camellia leaf water and EFGF to soothe and brighten skin.

Give your hair the same luxe treatment with this hair mask that restores luster and shine, thanks to tsunami and organ oils plus hydrolyzed keratin and collagen. P.S Follow the instruction behind it for the best results.

A combination of rose extract and red flower complex this emulsion delivers nourishment and hydration to restore the oil and water balance of skin. Use it after cleansing and toning.

This lightweight essence-type lotion delivers lasting hydration to skin, thanks to rose extract and red flower complex that offer nutrients and moistures skin.

Shea butter, honey extracts, ceramics and royal jelly work together to moisturize and form up skin, and promote elasticity. Massage the cream on face and neck after cleansing and toning both in the morning and night.

This cutie panda lip balm is designed like a mini compact and keeps lips smooth, soft and moisturizer. It just look red but when applied it on the lip it gives natural look! Love this ><

Say good bye to zits with this hydrocolloid patches that greatly reduce pimples an speed up healing. Apply in cleansed skin before any essence or moisturizer, and leave on overnight.

Cause of i didn't have any acne i'm not using this but i saw many good reviews on the internet about this product. Well, i will try it if i got acne!!!!

NOTE : Hey, I’m not just put all of it above randomly. I arrange it step by step. So first is after clean up your pore from Rire Next is the Pink Powder Mask or Benton snail mask and using toner from Etude House AC Clean UP,Then for Hair mask is optional which is up to you :) and so on until the last is for acne (if you have it). 

AND This Beauty Box is now available to purchase on: 

If you want to but each not this box you can click name of the product and it will be directly goes to YesStyle store which sell that product. :)
YesStyle not just sell korean Cosmetics but also many kinds of Great Clothes!!! 

Thank you YesStyle ^ ^
Hoping can working together again in the future~

Well,that's all for this post. See Y on the next post.. :)
Bella Amanda

Selasa, 14 Maret 2017

SSCA- Bintu

It's been a long time didn't post about Fashion and now I came up with something!!
Hi Fashion people, let me introduce you to the highlight of this post.
SSCA is a brand that focused on Contemporary design that wearable and functional at the same time. In the 2016,this label introduced Batik Celaket,Malang and the unknown Batik Pinawetengan from Sulawesi at "Pocket Change" event in Melbourne.
And, for today post i wear one of their Spring Summer Collection called "BINTU DRESS".
A deep Purple Shirt Dress with Bishop Pinawetengan Long Sleeves.
Scroll for more details :)

Dress : SSCA Official 
Shoes : Payless 

Kamis, 09 Maret 2017

Face Detox treatment

Enjoying my afternoon time pampered by Diandra clinic :)
Diandra clinic located in Graha Family Surabaya. 
Before choosing treatment i got consultation with Dr. Imelda to knowing which one that suit for my skin. Then detox facial treatment is the answer, since i doesn't have any skin problem, usually use make up a lot, and living in the (metropolitan) city which is have many pollution.

They cleaning all of my make up they use a tools called micro that can easily pull out the dead skin on the face. The sensation quite tickling me, cause like being absorb by small vacuum cleaner? :D
Here the picture (On the right is after cleaning and left not yet being cleaned).

Next step Massage. I love this step even when the first time they put all over the cream on my face it's feels hot and itchy, but it turns good. :3 

Now moving to hurts step which is peeling > <
As we know that no pain no beauty. This peeling pull out my black head and also the acne that i have. Don't be afraid! This is safe and not make your pore bigger!!!
And they using tool to loss the redness. Then applying detox cream over my face and using special tool. The cream originally color is white and it turn out to be gray after taking off the dust/ dirty thing in my face. 

After washing off the cream they applied a detox mask!! Really cool and it took around 1 hour then they pull it off in a hurt way, because this mask is like a wax mask :I
My face became red now and they have tool called oxy from Oxygen that moisturizing and increase water amount over the face. This also make me feel fresh :)
in the last step they applied Bactacid for infection.
All of this steps are in one treatment, which is Detox. and it took around 3 hours to do all of the steps.
After 2 days not using any makeup (skin care still use) the redness already gone. My skin also more tight and feel heathy :)
Treatment detox helps brightening, anti aging which make your skin younger, less flex and less acne!!! Cause of detox pull out the toxin from pollution , etc in our skin.  
This is my first treatment on Diandra, and i write my honest review here :)
Thank you for reading~