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Rabu, 03 Agustus 2016

Welcome to My blog.. ^ <

This time i will review about beauty website, it's just launched on Indonesia :  "HERMO" This website sell Korean Beauty product from skin care until make up.
And then i got a chance to be one of the 50 Indonesia beauty blogger that got Beauty box worth IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) 500k. Yeyyy!!!!
In this post i will show you all the products that i got and also will review it. Excited right??!! Then Scrolling down~

So this is the box look like

Then this is product inside the box:

Let's take a look closer one by one :

Innisfree - Apple juice deep cleansing foam

Innisfree claims that the Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam "offers softness and healthy radiance to your skin like a freshly washed apple".
Apple Juicy cleanser - it did a good job removing the minimal makeup! But I wouldn't bet on it removing anything heavier than it. (Minimal makeup/ natural make up)

Innisfree mengklaim bahwa Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam "Menawarkan kelembutan dan kilauan sehat untuk kulit seperti apel segar dicuci " .
Apple Juicy pembersih - menghapus make up minimal dengan baik! Tetai aku ga menggaransi bisa menghapus lebih berat dari itu (minimal makeup/ natural make up)

Innisfree - Capsule Recipe Pack 
Theres plenty variation of this product, and i've been use it for several times :)
i really recommended this mask pack! Not just because it dry, easily wearable, but also because of it's really works!!!
Produk ini memiliki banyak variant dan aku udah beberapa kali menggunakannya :)
Sanggat rekomended banget!  Nggak hanya karena kering, gampang mengaplikasikannya, tapi juga karena benar-benar bekerja!!!
For more detail can be reader through this link below ^ ^
Untuk detailnya bisa klik link di bawah ini ^ ^

Guerisson - 9.Complex
Horse oil is the latest trend in Korea. Like bird’s nest, horse oil due to its similar chemical composition, it is able to penetrate/absorb into skin well.

Minyak kuda belakangan sedang trend di Korea. Seperti halnya sarang burung walet, minyak kuda juga memiliki komposisi kimia yang membuatnya mampu menembus / menyerap ke dalam kulit dengan sangat baik.

Nature republic - Aloe Vera Sooting Gel

I love that it absorbed quickly without leaving oily residue or greasy. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth after using.
This produk can be use for many things (will be reviewing specificity about this product).

Aku suka banget produk ini, diserap dengan cepat tanpa meninggalkan minyak. membuat kulit saya jadi lembut dan halus setelah menggunakannya. Produk ini dapat di gunakan untuk banyak hal. (Akan buat review mendetail tentang produk ini).

Nature Republic - Aloe Vera Sooting Gel Mist 
This product have same function as Aloe Vera Sooting Gel, just the shape is different. This mist it's like water, easily can be bring and use anywhere.
Produk ini memiliki fungsi dan kegunaaan yang sama dengan Aloe Vera Sooting Gel, hanya bentuknya saja yang berbeda. Mist ini seperti air,dapat di bawa dan di gunakan dimanapun.

Nature Republic - Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack
This hair mask makes your hair healthier and as recommendation for you who have damage hair, this product will be helpful! Use it once a week ^ <
Hair mask ini membuat rambutmu menjadi lebih sehat dan rekomendasi banget buat kamu yang memiliki rambut rusak seperti bercabang,kering,dll. Produk ini akan sangat membantu! Gunakan 1 kali seminggu ^ <

How to use it  : 
1. After shampooing towel dry hair, and then evenly apply this hair treatment.
1. Setelah selesai keramas, keringkan rambut dengan handuk dan applikasikan.

2. Wear a hair cap and massage the scalp with your finger.
2. Kenakan  dan pijat kulit kepala dengan tangan.

3. After 10-15 minute, remove the hair cap and rise with lukewarm water.
 3. Setelah 10-15 menit, lepaskan shower cap dan bilas rambut dengan air hangat.

A'pieu - Melon Mask Sheet 

This is the first time i've been using mask from this brand, and tjjaanggg!!
I Fall in love with this product, the scene is really sweet "Melon" and the long lasting (after using it for 20minutes, the scene is still there).

Ini pertama kalinya aku menggunakan masker dari brand ini dan tjjanggg!!!
Sukaaa banget sama masker ini, wanginya manis dan tahan lama (setelah menggunakannya selama 20 menitan, harumnya masih berasa).

Now HermoID already open and ready to receive your order.. ^ ^
and they have an interesting discount and promotion

Well, this is all~
Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog.. ^ ^
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See you on the next post.... :3
P.S not all of the pic below are mine, some i got from google.. :)

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