Rabu, 24 Februari 2016


After reviewed about Korean Restaurant let's move to review another Restaurant <3
Well,this restaurant not located in South Korea but in Bali!!! 
Yup,the famous island Bali~ Some of you probably already know about this beautiful island, and i've been here for more than 1 week for holiday.
Before it,sorry that for this post i just review 1 restaurant. Later (on next post) I'll posting about my activity in here..
Located in Petitenget- Seminyak, Bali this place are quite famous cause of it view, i came here with friend in the night so i can't see the rice fields (that they famous view about) clearly but it's good to be here ^ ^
What we ordered??
I ordered "Pan Roasted Sea Bass" 
Yuzu-Java Black Pepper Beurre Blanc Plaga Tomatoes, Brussel Leafs&Baby Zucchimi, Blue Crab Ravioli

I not came here alone, i came with my friends 2 from South Korea (Boys) from my university in South Korea and 2 from Surabaya- East Java (Girl and Boy).
And we're here of course for dinner. :) 

Indonesian Girl ordered
"Pan Seared Kingfish" 
Arugula-Lemon Coulis Saffron Risotto with Spinach, Radicchio&Parmesan

My Korean friend order "Grilled Whole Fish Jimbaran Style"
He said he curious how the taste look like, cause in his home town Busan-South Korea, they also famous of their fish.
Organic Brown rice & Bedugul vegetables and Sambal matah.

And the other Korean ordered "Miso Grilled Yellowfin Tuna"
Served Rare, Citrus-Sesame-Soy, Cha Soba Noodles, Fresh Bamboo Shoots, Wakame & Shimeji Mushrooms, Kai Lan
He said the taste not really goof (not suit for him).

When waiting the food, they give us some bread with butter and also fried prawn as a service. 

This is "Sardine" Picture that taken by my self during night,

And this is view during day that i search and found on instagram ^^
Beautiful isn't it??!
Really love it~

I know some of you lately curious about this place cause of many people take a photograph in here and share it on the social media such as Instagram and another think is concern about the budget to eat in here (some of people asking me about the price) so i came up to put the full menu when i writing the review. And this is the full menu ^^

I dunno is it crowded in the day, but it's little bit crowded in the night (not full and there's some table empty) but so many peoples came here and actually i did not seen local people here. 

For me their service quite good, the taste of the food also good :)
Probably cause of it's "foreign taste" :p
But i love being here,even it was rain and little bit windy~

Address - Check
Photo place - Check
Food photo - Check
Food price - Check
My comment - Check 

more details and information on sardine official website
If there any thinks that you want me to add when i review restaurant you can sent me an email to amandatorquise7@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post.. 
Thank you for reading ^ ^

Rabu, 03 Februari 2016

Eat Korean until drop

Yuhuu, calling out all food hunter and for lover.. ^ ^
Another review or you can called these as the recommendation place to eat if you came to South Korea  ^ ^ This restaurant are famous and so many people are ate in here. Well, when i visit it's was on Saturday and so many couples are eating in there. 
This restaurant are located on Old down town or Eunhandong (Daejeon) But there's also on Seoul. ^ ^ 
When we first in there will be the employee that will guide you to the your table (if the restaurant not full) but if it full they will be asking your name and you will be waiting for couples minute. 
Then,after you sit down in, they will give you these bowl (of course without the noodle, vegetable and shell on it). 

And then you choose what you want to eat, there's so many choices here.

 Beside it hey also have another menu that you can order as topping such as mozzarella > < 

In these restaurant we cook our food by our self, we choose the sauce and pour it in the our pot.

then we waiting until it cook. while waiting we ate fish cakes.  Taste so good!!
Actually i've taste these fish cake before in Busan (Busan are famous of it) and the taste was not really different. ^ ^ beside fish cakes, they also have fried prawn, fried vegetable, and many more.

For drink, you can choose between soda (Korean like drink soda) such as cola, sprite, fanta, and you can drink mineral water if you didn't like soda.
Then this is our cook ^ ^
Taste not bad but too many noodle on it.. :'

Estimate cost for eat in here are 6500won (if you are student)/ each person.  
Thank you for reading~ ^ <