Rabu, 18 November 2015

Mood Matcher - Secret of Long Lasting Lipstick

Good news for all ladies!!!! 

Let me introduce you the "Original Long Wear lip colour"  lasts for 12 hours straight!!
In US These lipstick already sold among 25 Million. 

Perkenalkan Original lipstick yang tahan hingga 12 jam!!
Di US lipstick ini telah terjual sebanyak 25 juta bush. ( In Indonesian language)

Well,I got these gorgeous lip stick from @thebeautylooksshop (Instagram account) or their official website www.thebeautylooks.com 
Guarantee 100% Authentic IF Fake 100% Money back.

Lipstick ini dapat kamu beli di @thebeautyloksshop (Akun Instagram) atau website resminya www.thebeautylooks.com 
Guarantee 100% Asli !! KALAU Palsu 100% uang kembali. 

This revolutionary non-drying formula glides on smoothly to achieve perfect looking lips for hours. Non-transferable and kiss-proof, this fade-resistant formula works on every skin tone, from lightest to darkest, to give you a customized color that lasts all day!

Revolusi formula terbaru ini tidak kering dan sangat lembut di bibir serta dapat menciptakan warna lipstik yang sempurna. Formula tahan lama ini bekerja pada setiap warna kulit, dari yang terang sampai yang paling gelap, dan tahan sepanjang hari. Lipstick ini tidak akan menempel/ membekas di gelas ketika minum ataupun tidak hilang ketika berciuman. ! ( In Indonesian language)

Ingredients and Benefits :

Aloe Vera - Instantly rejuvenates and hydrates extra dry, flaky lips.
* Lidah buaya - Meremajakan dan melembabkan bibir kering dan pecah- pecah. (In indonesian Language)

Vitamin E - natural antioxidant protects and balances lips' moisture.
* Vitamin E - Antioksidan alami yang menjaga kelembaban bibir. 

Bahan dan manfaatnya: 

Diperkaya dengan sifat pelembab alami Aloe Vera dan Vitamin E , bibir Anda tidak hanya akan terlihat luar biasa tetapi juga terasa halus dan lembab.
• Aloe Vera - Seketika meremajakan dan menghidrasi bibir terkelupas ekstra kering .
• Vitamin E - A antioksidan alami melindungi dan kelembaban bibir.

I will review 2 out of 10 colours: Yellow and Orange.

Warna yang akan aku review adalah kuning and orange. (In Indonesian Language)
Even in it's colour are light orange but when it applied in the skin it's will make different colour. WHY??
Because each shade changes according to your body chemistry for a truly “personalized” lip colour!
In their official website : https://www.moodmatcher.com 
You can find your shade. (There are 3 choice of skin tone then there are 10 colours of lip stick, just click it and it will shows you how look a like if applied in your skin).

Walaupun terlihat berwarna orange terang tetapi ketika di applikasikan warnanya akan berbeda. Kenapa bisa beda??
 Karena setiap warna menyesuaikan dengan tubuh kita dan menciptakan warna bibir yang "pribadi"! 
Di website resmi mood matcher : https://www.moodmatcher.com 
Kamu dapat menemukan warna mu ( Ada 3 warna kulit, dan ada 10 warna lip stick yang ketika kamu klik maka akan terlihat kurang lebih akan seperti apa bila di kulitmu)
(In Indonesian Language)

* Orange in my skin became little bit red

* Yellow in my skin became pink

in the other skin 

Then what is your personalise colour??
Found it by your self. ^ ^

Selasa, 03 November 2015

Shade of Autumn

It's already in the beginning of Nophember, in here (South Korea) the tree leaf already changed from green to beautiful red. Actually because of global warming season in here changed a little bit, usually autumn are begin in the early October but now it's begin in the end of October. Not just the colour of the tree leaf but the weather also. Usually if autumn weather are little bit cold (windy) but what exactly happen now is sun shine still shine really bright and then just a few days weather begin to cold but after that back again to sunny day. :'

These picture are taken near my dormitory, as you can see there's so many red leaf in the ground but just a few on the tree. But overall i really love these kind of view, I took a lot of picture here. ^ ^

These kind of umbrella are really famous here, not because of  it's pretty in the picture but also light. You can buy these kind of umbrella in the CU or 7 eleven, and any convenience store. It price around 3500won - 5000won. Some Korean Drama also using these kind of umbrella for property. Because the face of actor or actress still can be seen,even rain.   :)  and looks pretty~

All of these picture are taken by my friend from Indonesia whose same university as me and girls in these picture. This is the first time that we enjoy these kind of beauty (red leaf) because in Indonesia (our country) we didn't have these kind of seasons, we just have 2 seasons ; Rain and Sunny/ Dry. That's why we really excited~    

For clothes, well as you can see all of us wearing coat or leather jacket. Because of these fall the weather not really cold so we wearing cloth like these. But when in the rainy day it's gonna be really cold and you supposed to use some layer clothes. (I mean like wearing inner, then t shirt, then sweater).  You can bought a sweater here start from 5000won = IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) 62,000 and for coat start from 30,000won = IDR 420,000.  

"Enjoy every moment that you have, treasure it. Because there's no second chance and you can't get it back or go back to that time."

Thank you for reading. ^ ^