Minggu, 20 Desember 2015

Daegu art

Anyeonghaseyo, another trip comes up!!! ^ ^

I know some of you when hear “museum” will be think it’s such a boring place. Well,actually i’m think that way before i visit Daegu art museum. It’s located in 375, Samdeog-dong 053-790-3000. Daegu art museum was opened in May 2011. The exhibition always changed, like now theres 5 exhibition in there.

1. Ottmar Hörl : Hommage to Dürer

Ottmar Hörl (German artist) has displayed his works in an open space where many can visit, not in typical exhibit spaces such as art museums or galleries, as he believes that public places are ideal for installing artworks. You can see these exactly same 12 pinky rabbits and so many people are taking picture here. Like i do :) P.S : Exhibition Period is from February 10, 2015 until December 6, 2015.

Then let’s move in to the building,before enter the gallery of course we should buy the ticket first. Regular price ticket are :

Group (+20)
Adult (age 25-64)
Teen (age 13-24),Soldiers
Children (age 7-12)

And it’s free for:
Elders 65 or above and disable people
Children who are 6 or under
Disabled people
for an adult and for children. In the first floor when we entrance the gallery we can see animamix biennale poster. It’s the second exhibition that i saw here.

 2. Animamix biennale 2015-2016

Actually this is the second edition after successfully holding the first edition in 2013. It’s focuses on contemporary art exchanges and communication in Asia. 21 artists that participant in these animamix biennale are from : Korea, China, Japan, and Hong Kong they present works that reflect their respective identities through unique themes, styles, and narratives.

Then I found these unique lamp. Every lamp is different; there's ariel (Mermaid princess), Tinker bell, Jack O, Wonder woman, and the one in the middle i can't seen because there's a guard and they keep watching on us to to enter or near these.

3. Exhibition for the 15th Lee In Sung Art Prize

Kim Jiwon: Wall of Painting
October 13, 2015 ~ February 9, 2016

Daegu Art Museum hold a solo exhibition of the works of Kim Jiwon, winner of the 15th LEE IN SUNGArt Prize, under the title Wall of Painting. At this exhibition, viewers will take a look at the overall body of work by Kim Jiwon, including the Mendrami series, the Takeoff series, and the Similar Wall, Same Wall series, produced between 1998 and 2007, but newly shown in this exhibition as Untitled. Through the artist’s works, spectators will be able to identify his inquiries and solutions with regard to painting over the past 30 years, and to experience the virtues unique to painting amidst the diverse genres of contemporary art.

The LEE IN SUNG Art Prize              
The LEE IN SUNG Art Prize was first established in 1999 to pay tribute to artist Lee In Sung and his spirit of art. Lee In Sung (1912~1950), known as the “genius artist from Daegu,” made great achievements in the history of Korean modern art. Since 2014, the award has been re-organized in a new direction, and is hosted by the Daegu Museum of Art. From among the mixture of diverse genres in the recent trends of contemporary art, the new LEE IN SUNG Art Prize selects prominent artists engaged in creative and experimental works, mainly in the field of two-dimensional art, to support the area of painting, which is no longer the mainstream of today’s art scene, and to promote balanced development in Korean contemporary art.
Picture of Kim Jiwon who was born in 1961 in Gwacheon, Gyeonggido, Korea

These exhibition are located not in the 1st floor anymore, it’s located in the second floor which we can use between elevator or stairs to go there. There’s 4 rooms there ( 2 for Exhibition for the 15th Lee In Sung Art Prize “Kim Jiwon: Wall of Painting” and 2 others for LEE Myungmi : Tell Me Exihibition).

4. LEE Myungmi : Tell Me Exhibition
This exhibition is to touch upon the artist LEE Myungmi and significant and context of her works in the Korean contemporary art history, while broadly understanding her 40-year art history. It will be significant in that a female artist is being spotlighted whose artistic path has been distinctive from the current flow of the art world with the renaissance of monochromes mostly created by male artists in the 1970s. He has explored the genre of ‘paintings’ for over four decades, applying familiar themes and various working methods to her works, and endlessly changing and expanding her own art world.

Then last but not least, The Hyunmin Ryu Exihibition Show.
Actually since 2012 the Daegu Art Museum has presented the Y Artist Project for the purpose of discovering and fostering capable young artists and providing those selected with great opportunities to grow into leading artists at home and abroad. In addition, participants will have a chance to hold their exhibitions at the museum.

5. Hyunmin Ryu (1971- ) Exhibition Show

Who initially majored in photography. He has interpreted his curiosity about the nature of art and casual events taking place within a social structure from his own distinct satirical perspective, transplanting his vision into a variety of mediums. He employs a frame-story structure that is redolent of a theatrical stage in terms of form but sets a series of works representing the feeling of instability and the numerous challenges and frustrations he probably underwent in his everyday life in each booth as seen from the young artist’s point of view.

How to get there???

Public transportation

By subway
Use a shuttle bus running half-hourly after getting off at Daegu Grand Park Station on subway line #2 at Exit No.5
By bus

By shuttle bus
Grand Park Station-Daegu Stadium Samgeori-Daegu Art Museum- Grand Park Station
Running hours
- Summer season: 8:30am-7:30pm (21 times)
- Winter season: 8:30am-6:30pm (19 times)
- Bus interval: 30 minutes (Operation turnaround time: 14 minutes)
Bus fare: Free

Opening hours of the museum :

April-October: 10:00am-7:00pm
November-March: 10:00am-6:00pm
Ticketing is available 30 minutes before opening and one hour before closing.
Every Monday closed
※ If a national holiday falls on Monday, the museum is closed the following day.

See, it's not boring at all.. ^ ^
Thanks for reading, 

Rabu, 18 November 2015

Mood Matcher - Secret of Long Lasting Lipstick

Good news for all ladies!!!! 

Let me introduce you the "Original Long Wear lip colour"  lasts for 12 hours straight!!
In US These lipstick already sold among 25 Million. 

Perkenalkan Original lipstick yang tahan hingga 12 jam!!
Di US lipstick ini telah terjual sebanyak 25 juta bush. ( In Indonesian language)

Well,I got these gorgeous lip stick from @thebeautylooksshop (Instagram account) or their official website www.thebeautylooks.com 
Guarantee 100% Authentic IF Fake 100% Money back.

Lipstick ini dapat kamu beli di @thebeautyloksshop (Akun Instagram) atau website resminya www.thebeautylooks.com 
Guarantee 100% Asli !! KALAU Palsu 100% uang kembali. 

This revolutionary non-drying formula glides on smoothly to achieve perfect looking lips for hours. Non-transferable and kiss-proof, this fade-resistant formula works on every skin tone, from lightest to darkest, to give you a customized color that lasts all day!

Revolusi formula terbaru ini tidak kering dan sangat lembut di bibir serta dapat menciptakan warna lipstik yang sempurna. Formula tahan lama ini bekerja pada setiap warna kulit, dari yang terang sampai yang paling gelap, dan tahan sepanjang hari. Lipstick ini tidak akan menempel/ membekas di gelas ketika minum ataupun tidak hilang ketika berciuman. ! ( In Indonesian language)

Ingredients and Benefits :

Aloe Vera - Instantly rejuvenates and hydrates extra dry, flaky lips.
* Lidah buaya - Meremajakan dan melembabkan bibir kering dan pecah- pecah. (In indonesian Language)

Vitamin E - natural antioxidant protects and balances lips' moisture.
* Vitamin E - Antioksidan alami yang menjaga kelembaban bibir. 

Bahan dan manfaatnya: 

Diperkaya dengan sifat pelembab alami Aloe Vera dan Vitamin E , bibir Anda tidak hanya akan terlihat luar biasa tetapi juga terasa halus dan lembab.
• Aloe Vera - Seketika meremajakan dan menghidrasi bibir terkelupas ekstra kering .
• Vitamin E - A antioksidan alami melindungi dan kelembaban bibir.

I will review 2 out of 10 colours: Yellow and Orange.

Warna yang akan aku review adalah kuning and orange. (In Indonesian Language)
Even in it's colour are light orange but when it applied in the skin it's will make different colour. WHY??
Because each shade changes according to your body chemistry for a truly “personalized” lip colour!
In their official website : https://www.moodmatcher.com 
You can find your shade. (There are 3 choice of skin tone then there are 10 colours of lip stick, just click it and it will shows you how look a like if applied in your skin).

Walaupun terlihat berwarna orange terang tetapi ketika di applikasikan warnanya akan berbeda. Kenapa bisa beda??
 Karena setiap warna menyesuaikan dengan tubuh kita dan menciptakan warna bibir yang "pribadi"! 
Di website resmi mood matcher : https://www.moodmatcher.com 
Kamu dapat menemukan warna mu ( Ada 3 warna kulit, dan ada 10 warna lip stick yang ketika kamu klik maka akan terlihat kurang lebih akan seperti apa bila di kulitmu)
(In Indonesian Language)

* Orange in my skin became little bit red

* Yellow in my skin became pink

in the other skin 

Then what is your personalise colour??
Found it by your self. ^ ^

Selasa, 03 November 2015

Shade of Autumn

It's already in the beginning of Nophember, in here (South Korea) the tree leaf already changed from green to beautiful red. Actually because of global warming season in here changed a little bit, usually autumn are begin in the early October but now it's begin in the end of October. Not just the colour of the tree leaf but the weather also. Usually if autumn weather are little bit cold (windy) but what exactly happen now is sun shine still shine really bright and then just a few days weather begin to cold but after that back again to sunny day. :'

These picture are taken near my dormitory, as you can see there's so many red leaf in the ground but just a few on the tree. But overall i really love these kind of view, I took a lot of picture here. ^ ^

These kind of umbrella are really famous here, not because of  it's pretty in the picture but also light. You can buy these kind of umbrella in the CU or 7 eleven, and any convenience store. It price around 3500won - 5000won. Some Korean Drama also using these kind of umbrella for property. Because the face of actor or actress still can be seen,even rain.   :)  and looks pretty~

All of these picture are taken by my friend from Indonesia whose same university as me and girls in these picture. This is the first time that we enjoy these kind of beauty (red leaf) because in Indonesia (our country) we didn't have these kind of seasons, we just have 2 seasons ; Rain and Sunny/ Dry. That's why we really excited~    

For clothes, well as you can see all of us wearing coat or leather jacket. Because of these fall the weather not really cold so we wearing cloth like these. But when in the rainy day it's gonna be really cold and you supposed to use some layer clothes. (I mean like wearing inner, then t shirt, then sweater).  You can bought a sweater here start from 5000won = IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) 62,000 and for coat start from 30,000won = IDR 420,000.  

"Enjoy every moment that you have, treasure it. Because there's no second chance and you can't get it back or go back to that time."

Thank you for reading. ^ ^

Senin, 19 Oktober 2015

My travel diary of Busan

Then for this post i will share about my short vacation in Busan~
Busan is second largest city after Seoul, with a population of approximately 3.6 million.
There are so many place to visit but because of "short trip" so we (me and my friends) just go to the famous place to visit.

First place to go is "Gamchon Culture Village"
How to get here?? Well, it's really easy, just took subway (MRT/Monorail) Then took bus number 2 or 2-2 ^ ^ and then they will take you the Gamchon.

The view in there was really beautiful, You can see it through my picture below. :)

Beside the scenery, there also so many picture in the wall that can be your photo background.

There are famous spot for photo, Yup it's young princess and fox. So many tourist are came and queue for taking a picture with this statue. :)

There's my favourite actor who are born in Busan,and he also took picture in here. (Picture below)

Beside the beautiful scenery, there also some snack that famous here.
Chicken then pudding and many kinds of tea.

Every famous place always have shop to bought souvenir and this is their souvenir. Cute isn't it? it was made by paper. (Shoes below) ^ ^

Then because we arrive here in the evening, now we're heading to ate. Every portion price are same (there's 3 portion small, medium and large) This is Japanese Restaurant. :)
then after eat we heading back to the hotel then take a rest before get ready to the busan tower. ^ ^ price to goes up is 5000won, and it's closed at 10pm. From here you can see all of busan city.. :)

for the dinner we ate big / giant squid. that are located near out hotel in hongdae. :)

Then the next day we visit "Sky Walk" the entrance is free and while i'm in there the wind are so strong.. > <
As you can see just only rock and water here~ But well, this place is must visit and really crowded.

It's lunch time!!!
For lunch we ate the famous octopus~ 

After ate we're heading to shinsaege (the biggest department store). and shopping, well if you want to goes here, just use Subway stop in the Centum City. While walking around in here, we spotted this delicious snack!!!! I choose bacon one, but they also sell shrimp,and many more.
 Beside snack, we also spotted the famous cup cake ever!!!
and we ate this delicious bbq samgyeopsal cheese melted... Really yummy!!

Next day stop is 
Usually people goes here for hiking, but our motive to goes here not for hiking. Well, my friend said that when his friend was jogging here they found place/ spot that can see all of Busan. 

If you want to go up without hiking there's a cable car, for 2 ways (go up and go down) price are 8000won. From the cable car you can see big stadium in the Busan, Busan building and many more. :) Because of now is autumn the weather was little bit cold, so if you want to goes here you should bring your jacket and using trouser.

Beside the view and the forest it self, you also can visit the temple that not far from the cable car.

and then we goes to line cafe, these place are really cute.. Especially the big fluffy browny doll~ 

last but not least before came back to Daejeon we visit Gwangali bridge

Actually Busan have many beautiful place to visit, but because of one to another spot are little bit far so we cannot visit all of them. That's all, Thank you for reading~